The Youth Program Director is responsible to the congregation through the Youth and Education Committee Council representatives for the development, promotion, and implementation of the youth program of the church.

Will include:
• Christian committed to the principles of RIC (Reconciling in Christ) and will welcome, include and celebrate members of the
LGBTQIA+ community.
• Experience in leadership, organization and administration.
• Trained in identifying the needs of youth, planning the youth ministry program, and implementing the youth ministry program.
• Ability to work well with pastoral staff and committed to team planning and building.
• A two or four year degree or equivalent experience.
• A benefit would be Education in Religion, Church Ministry, or related field.
• Skills in developing relationships.

• Maintain work schedule as determined at time of hire and in letter of hire.
• Cooperate with church leaders for the good of the church.
• Consult with Pastor and the Youth and Education Committee regarding plans and policies.

• To oversee and coordinate the activities of the youth program.
• To faithfully attend church services and church activities.
• Pray for the students, staff and parents of the youth ministry.
• Promote the youth ministry to the church and local community.
• Plan, organize, and implement local and global service opportunities for the youth.
• Develop relationships with area schools, local churches, and officials.
• Attend and participate in youth activities.
• Recruit, train, and supervise the work of adult leaders to help in youth ministry activities.
• Develop fellowship events that appeal and draw youth.
• Plan, in consultation with the Pastor, the Sunday School Director, and the Children’s Music Director, the format and content of youth
worship services.
• Train and organize youth acolytes.
• Coordinate fundraising efforts for youth activities and outreach.
• Provide coordination in the purchase, care, and use of all materials and equipment for the youth ministry program.
• Provide content information relative to youth programs in a timely manner to Office Secretary for production of the weekly bulletin and
any other ways to promote the youth program.
• Coordinate outreach efforts among youth to congregational members.
• Maintain open communication with parents.
• Work with the Council to prepare the annual budget in relationship to the Youth Program.
• Plan personal leave so as to be respectful and informative of other staff and the church calendar.
• Provide for continued personal growth through available study programs.
• Perform other duties as assigned or requested by either the Pastor or the Youth or Education Committees Council representatives.

Job Type: Part-time (l5 hours/per week. Hours may vary during the course of the church year.) 
Salary: $17,000 – $19,000 range
*Interested in applying for the position? Please complete the application below and email it, along with a resume to the contact listed below.

Bethany Thede Wray


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