Position Summary:

The Bell Choir Director is responsible for all tasks necessary to ensure an active and professional bell choir program at Cross Lutheran Church.

Specific Duties and Functions:

  1. Coordination – Coordinate with senior pastor, other church music staff, and custodial staff regarding performance times.  Coordinate selection of music to correspond with events and holidays throughout the church year.
  2. Planning and preparation – responsible for determining and communicating choir rehearsal schedules. Responsible for ensuring the set-up of tables, pads, covers, etc. for rehearsals and performances.  (Note: This does not necessarily mean you have to do it all.  You may ask for the assistance of choir members or custodial staff as needed. However, as the director, you need to be sure that these tasks are covered.)
  3. Music selection – You are responsible for searching, selecting, and purchasing music for the bell choir.  Selection should be based on the level of difficulty and the ability of the members.  Music can be purchased by providing the information to the church office, or by using a personal credit / debit card and turning in the receipt to the financial secretary.
  4. Rehearsals and performances – You are responsible for conducting all rehearsal and performances.
  5. Program building and recruiting – Seek and provide information to choir members regarding workshops, webinars, or other media that may be available for ongoing training and growth.  Recruit new members as needed through bulletin and monthly newsletter announcements and the Cross website.  Provide periodic temple talks to the congregation to promote interest in the bell choir.
  6. Community outreach – Look outside of Cross for events or community functions where the   bell choir could perform.  This would also include the coordination of everything that would be required for the event including transporting bells, tables and pads, covers, etc.
  7. Maintenance of music and equipment – The director is responsible for maintaining an organized file of music.  Likewise, the director must ensure that the bells are maintained and keep an adequate supply of replacement springs on hand.  (A current member of Cross will replace springs but must be notified as needed.)
  8. Budget – Work within the budget and obtain authorization before making any major purchases.  Prepare budget requirements for the upcoming year to the business board.  This is usually done in November.


  • Formal music training
  • Strong communication skills
  • Must be able to work with members with various experience levels
  • Must be available on Sundays and holidays when performances are scheduled.

Base Pay:

Base pay is $200 per month and includes one hour long rehearsal per week and one performance per month.   Additional Sunday performances at multiple services are paid an additional $30 per service.  Additional holiday performances are paid an additional $50 per performance.


If you or someone you know are interested, please contact Breanna at breanna@cross-church.org.

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