Faith Formation Coordinator, Job Description

Christ the King Lutheran of Delafield, WI, is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as our Faith Formation Coordinator (FFC). The FFC will coordinate and direct Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Coordinator and will assist the pastor with Discipleship Training/Confirmation. This position is a part time, non-benefited position. Qualified candidates must be able to work effectively in a staff environment, recruit and train volunteers, organize and manage an active program, and work with a high level of autonomy. He/she will demonstrate a strong Christian faith through an understanding of the Lutheran church (ELCA). The position is 20 hours a week and includes Wednesday eve and Sunday morning responsibilities. More information can be found at

Position Summary

The Faith Formation Coordinator (FFC) at Christ the King Lutheran Church of Delafield (CTK) collaboratively assists CTK’s pastor in ministries related to faith development. S/he reports directly to the Senior Pastor and will be directly responsible for the following:

1. Assisting children and youth and their families connect with Christ, each other and the community, in accordance with CTK’s mission statement, “Alive and Growing through God’s Grace.”

2. Developing, conducting and supporting activities related to faith formation in: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Discipleship Training.

3. Building relationships with the children and youth and their families of the congregation in order to foster discipleship through fellowship and discipleship activities.

4. Infusing energy and creativity into children and youth and their families’ education programs through thoughtful planning, caring participation and equipping volunteers for service at CTK.

5. Promoting Christian growth events for children and youth and their families in such a way that all events clearly and actively invite members and non-members into participation.

Specific Duties:

1. Oversee and direct Sunday School for children and youth preschool through High School

a. Build relationships with children and parents

b. Recruit and train teachers and other volunteer staff

c. Select and support curriculum with the Education Committee

d. Oversee congregational records related to all children of the church, including those related to enrollment and attendance

e. Communicate with families, teachers and volunteers, Pastor and church staff

f. Coordinate Sunday mornings

g. Organize annual events including, but not limited to, the Christmas program, Bible Sunday, recognition of Christian education leaders, and contribute to Rally Day as it relates to education.

h. Develop middle and high school education opportunities, including annual mission trips, national youth gathering, etc.

2. Oversee and direct Vacation Bible School

a. Plan and initiate processes related to CTK’s annual VBS

b. Select and support curriculum with the Pastor and Education Committee

c. Promote the event in the congregation and community in such a way that it clearly and actively invites members and non-members into participation

d. Registration

e. Recruit and train volunteers

f. Coordinate a VBS service project

3. Assist with Discipleship Training

a. Assist the pastor with Discipleship Training

b. Build relationships with children and parents

c. Recruit and train teachers and other volunteer staff

d. Select and support curriculum with the Education Committee and Pastor

e. Provide to the Office Coordinator enrollment and confirmation records related to all children attending Discipleship Training

f. Communicate with families, teachers and volunteers, Pastor and church staff

Signs of Success

1. That the FFC includes scripture and prayer in all events

2. That the FFC knows and greets children and their families by name when present in the building

3. That the FFC works collaboratively with appropriate committees

4. That volunteers for faith formation programs be recruited well in advance and sessions for training and equipping be held a minimum of three times a year

5. That curriculum for Sunday School be selected by early summer and ordered by mid-summer

6. That the church’s database records contain accurate information about names, birthdates, baptismal dates, current grade levels and participation

7. That events are well organized and carried out, planned early and communicated well in advance

8. That Christian Education programming is in place for middle and high school youth on Sunday mornings

9. That the FFC procures needed curriculum for faith formation programming and that such curriculum stands within the Lutheran witness and tradition.

10. That the FFC regularly communicates with parents and students about activities of interest and that these communications happen early and frequently.

11. That the FFC orders and/or procures needed supplies for faith formation activities

12. That VBS is scheduled well in advance in such a way that children of all school districts can be involved.

13. That service opportunities be regularly integrated into CTK faith formation programs and that they be consistent with CTK and ELCA ministries

14. That there be growth in participation in faith formation programs

Personal and Professional Expectations

1. That the FFC actively lives out a Christian life that includes worship, study, service and prayer

2. That the FFC attends worship at CTK as able

3. That the FFC attends weekly staff meetings as part of the leadership team at CTK

Position Requirements

1. A strong faith in the saving works of God through Jesus Christ

2. An ability and willingness to easily articulate his/her faith

3. An understanding of the Lutheran witness to the gospel

4. A willingness to grow and to be developed in his/her abilities

5. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

6. Ministry training related to youth and family ministry, discipleship practices and faith formation processes

7. Experience preferred

8. Good communication skills

9. Enthusiasm

10. Love of children

11. Excellent organizational skills


Information about contact person
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Meredy Hase
(262) 646-2343

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