Job Description – Director of Worship and Music

Church of the Resurrection is a small to mid-size Lutheran church of the Greater Milwaukee ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Synod. We are seeking a part-time Director of Worship and Music to lead a dynamic music ministry that enriches the faith life of our congregation and shares the joy of the Gospel with our neighbors. The ideal candidate will bring together children, youth, adults, and our community through a variety of musical styles, ranging from traditional hymns and liturgy to more contemporary worship music. We currently have adult and youth vocal and bell choirs, a variety of opportunities for vocal and instrumental soloists and ensembles, as well as other musical activities throughout the year. The Director will continue the vibrant music program while growing and adapting it to meet changing worship needs, including online, in-person, or other forms of worship.

The Director of Worship and Music is responsible for the following:

1. Plan and coordinate the entire music program in collaboration with the pastor and lay worship and music teams. Provide worship and music education, leadership, supervision, and resources to other musicians, directors, and the congregation. Plan and select hymns, psalms, liturgies, vocal and/or instrumental music and musicians, and other music-related activities.
2. Direct and hold regular rehearsals with the vocal and bell choirs, soloists, or ensemble groups.
3. Serve as the primary musician for all church services and programs.
4. Maintain professional musical competency through practice, participation in music workshops, seminars, or other educational opportunities.
5. Attend regular staff meetings and work with the Worship and Music Team or other congregational teams for long-term, short-term, and event planning.
6. Determine and submit annual budget requirements for the music program. Administer expenditures within the approved budget.
7. Maintain the music library and supervise the maintenance of all instruments, including organ, piano, keyboards, handbells, or other instruments.
8. Participate with the church staff, pastor, and other local congregation- or synod-level leaders in facilitating goals and assuming tasks as mutually agreed upon with the supervising pastor.
9. Provide music (for additional compensation as per current church policies) for Church of the Resurrection weddings and funerals, or approve alternative requested musicians or substitutes.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree in music, music education, or equivalent degree and experience.
2. Familiarity with Lutheran theology, liturgical practice, and use of a range of musical styles in worship.
3. Demonstrated vocal and keyboard skills, particularly organ and piano, with a working knowledge of other instruments.
4. Competent experience in directing vocal and bell choirs of all age groups.
5. Interpersonal skills to work well with pastors, other staff members and congregational leaders, and engage people of all ages and skill levels in the music ministry.

To apply – contact the church for an employment application:

Contact person’s name:
Barb Maloney
(262) 691-7700


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