Job Description

Administrative Assistant / Business Administrator |

Whitnall Park Lutheran Church

5847 Lilac Ln.

Hales Corners, WI 53130 (414) 425-1169




Part Time, 20 hours per week

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Required skills and personal traits:

† A “People Person” – sociable, friendly, personable, caring and engaging.

† Excellent clerical, communication, computer and organizational skills. Experience with Microsoft Publisher greatly desired.

† Effective verbal, writing, editorial and publishing skills.

† Ability to receive instruction and carry out detail oriented tasks independently; utilizing problem-solving skills while being self-motivating and self-directed.

† Ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality. Wisdom to refrain from indiscriminately sharing information is critical.

† Willingness to learn new skills, work as a team player and overall dependability.

Duties and Responsibilities:

† General: Conducting him or herself in a Christian way, the church administrative assistant will always be aware that he/she is the “first impression” that many people will receive of Whitnall Park Lutheran Church.  He/she will seek to be helpful and welcoming to all who enter the office. He/she will ensure that the office space is kept neat and orderly.

† As Pastor’s Assistant: Assist the Pastor with record keeping, typing, mail, scheduling and meeting preparation. Maintain office calendar. Make phone calls at pastor’s request. Relay information collected from Sunday communion/visitor cards to the pastor.

† As Telephone Receptionist: Answer phones, relay messages, transfer calls, log messages on duplicate pad, ensure answering machine is on when office is closed, check messages periodically when absent from the office.

† Mail – Incoming: Collect mail daily, sort mail and place into appropriate mail slots, if correspondence is addressed to a church member without a mail slot, the administrative assistant will contact that person.

† Mail – Outgoing: Administrative Assistant will be in charge of all outgoing mail

† Office equipment and supplies: the administrative assistant shall maintain all office equipment, and when servicing needs arise, the administrative assistant will make the necessary appointments.

The administrative assistant will be in charge of ordering all office supplies and ensuring an adequate stock of products.

† Worship Bulletins: The administrative assistant shall prepare weekly worship bulletins for all services in cooperation with the pastor and the worship and music committee.

Weekly bulletin insert (the yellow sheet): include announcements from all church groups. Coordinate the schedules of all those assisting in services including but not limited to: greeters, ushers, acolytes, lectors, communion assistants, altar guild, flowers, etc.

Bulletins for other services, including weddings, baptisms and funerals shall be prepared in coordination with the Pastor with appropriate lead times.

† Church Calendar: The administrative assistant shall make keeping the church calendar updated a priority. An updated calendar must be provided to the church council, committee chairs and the pastor each month and be included in the monthly newsletter.

† Council & Committee Reports:

Prepare monthly statistic reports for Council meetings

The administrative assistant shall request and receive committee reports for the annual meeting, assemble them and prepare the annual report. The report is emailed to all members and made available for pick up for all.

The administrative assistant will also publish the Leaf, the monthly newsletter, using any information given to him/her from the church committees for publication. Once ready the newsletter is emailed to members or mailed to those requesting a hard copy.

† Financial:

Input the financial information provided by church money counters into Shepards Staff. Prepare and balance the weekly Counting Summary.

Pay all incoming invoices, check request forms and bills after gaining approval from committee chair if necessary.

Prepare and send monthly financial information to the accountant.

Prepare the giving envelopes and yearly pledge forms for distribution in November. Prepare and mail yearly contribution reports to members.


† Miscellaneous:

Update the website as needed. Update the electronic sign as needed.

Anything else need for the running of the office / church.

What WPLC is offering:

† Competitive salary.

† Paid vacation / PTO

† Opportunity for continued professional training at the church’s expense.

† Being part of a growing, active and healthy Christian community.

Accountability: The Administrative Assistant / Business Administrator will report directly to the Pastor, but the ultimate authority will be the Church Council.


Rev. Michael A. Fazio
Whitnall Park Lutheran Church
5847 Lilac Lane
Hales Corners, WI 53130
(414) 425-1169

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