Since the news has reached us about the evacuation of people from Afghanistan, many members of the Greater Milwaukee Synod have been asking the Immigration and Refugee Task Force how they can help the Evacuees from Afghanistan who are at Fort McCoy, and those who might eventually resettle in our area.

  • The most important thing you can do is to pray. Pray for those who have been evacuated, and their loved ones left behind. Pray for those working at Fort McCoy and other centers around the United States and around the world to help the evacuees during their transition. Pray for those who are processing paperwork to get the evacuees permanent legal residency so they can leave the forts and detention centers where they are currently located. Pray for those who are doing the work of welcoming Afghan Evacuees and other refugees into our community.
  • Lutherans are engaged in the long welcome. The Long Welcome means that Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services is advocating for long-term solutions for our Afghan allies. Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin has been resettling refugees in the Greater Milwaukee Synod for years, and will continue doing that for years to come. Because of your support, prayers, and donations, LSS is also committed to resettling Afghan Evacuees in our area. Volunteers and donations are needed, in any amount, from anyone who wishes to give. Please consider sharing the information from LSS with your congregation and networks. You can learn more about how to support those efforts here.
  • GMS and LSS are hosting a webinar on October 19 with even more information. Please sign up here to learn even more details about how to volunteer, donate, pray, advocate, co-sponsor, and get involved.
  • Other agencies are working with the Afghans who are currently staying at Fort McCoy. We encourage members of the Greater Milwaukee Synod who wish to support those efforts to contact those listed here.

Thank you for your desire to help! Your compassion is how we show God’s love to those in greatest need.

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