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Congregational Listening Project

Five Questions for Community Engagement

Overview: We believe that God is at work in our world, both within our congregations and in the neighborhoods around our congregations. At 10 listening sessions across the synod, we asked five questions to learn about the experiences, hopes, and fears of the people in our congregations. During a staff retreat, we reflected on the responses and identified five recurring themes. We then formulated a question and a series of action steps for each theme. We now invite you to help deepen our collective listening by completing the action steps for one of the five theme questions, engaging in a focused time of listening in your congregations and communities. When you have completed the work, we invite you to share what you have heard and learned, and how you have or intend to respond. Send your summary and reflections to the Greater Milwaukee Synod office by Monday, May 15. Be creative! Write a poem or a song, create a short video, or a collage of pictures, and we’ll share some of what we receive at the synod assembly, June 1-3.

Please review the questions below, then register which question(s) you and your congregational leaders will be seeking to answer in the coming months. Thanks for walking with us as we seek to be faithful to God’s call in our respective communities.

Below you will also find respectful communication guidelines to aid in the process.

Listening Theme # 1: Youth and Young Adults

Listening Theme #2: Fear of the Future

Listening Theme #3: Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Listening Theme #4: Faith and Politics

Listening Theme #5: God’s Activity in Our Communities

Respectful Communication Guidelines

Dwelling in the Word

Question Commitment

When you finish your work on the question(s) you’ve chosen, please return here to share what you’ve learned.

Report Listening Question Outcomes

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