There are three main ways to send your general mission support, gifts for global mission partners and other ministries to the Greater Milwaukee Synod:

If you are mailing a check from your congregation:

  • Please make your congregation’s check payable to “Greater Milwaukee Synod – ELCA.” (As a general rule of thumb – it is always safe to make your check payable to the Greater Milwaukee Synod, rather than the organization you are donating to. We are almost always able to forward monies to the correct organization.) However, if you are donating to Lutheran Campus Ministry or Outreach for Hope, we would prefer that you make your check payable directly to those specific organizations, and mail the check to the Greater Milwaukee Synod.
  • Please submit an online remittance form before mailing your check, and/or include a printed remittance form with the check. If you have used the online remittance form, please indicate that in a note with your check. If you do not use a remittance form, please include the specific fund designations on the memo line of the check. Please include your congregational ID on the remittance form or check. 
  • Send checks to Financial Administrator, Greater Milwaukee Synod – ELCA, PO Box 341695, Milwaukee, WI 53234.

If you have any questions about submitting a remittance form or fund designations, please contact us at 414.671.1212.

Financial Resources

Financial Resources for Congregations (from the ELCA)

For additional congregational financial resources please visit the ELCA webpages.  Here you will find (subject to changes on the ELCA website) information about best practices for various church processes; expense reimbursements; mileage reimbursements; congregational & clergy payroll resources; tax reporting resources; how to write minutes; other accounting guidelines; and much more.


Greater Milwaukee Synod Financial Statements and Supplementary Information

Looking for even more information and details on the Synod’s finances? Contact us at 414.671.1212.