Life is a series of transitions from birth to death. At best, transition, though painful, can provide individuals and communities with a time of reflection, vision and opportunity to effect creative change. At worst, transitions can be disruptive and discouraging, leaving individuals and/or communities drained of spirit or hope. In all instances, transitions are made easier if there is a system of nurture and support in place to assist, coach, mentor or advise the individual and/or community through the time of transition. For individuals this support and nurture may come from parents, friends, partners and/or colleagues. For communities this support and nurture is more formalized and may be provided by someone who is appointed, elected or hired to assist the community in transition.

Congregations in Transition

As of December 12, 2018

Recent Vacancy:

    Interim pastor has not yet begun
  • Capitol Drive, Milwaukee (PT pastor)
  • Christ the King, Delafield (FT pastor)
  • Mt Hope, West Allis (FT pastor)

Mission Exploration Process:

(no candidates received at this time) NOTE: “Transition Pastors” provide pastoral support and consistency to the congregation during a time of rostered minister transition, and do not lead a MET process. “Transition Consultants” help lead a MET process, and have limited pastoral leadership responsibilities. “Interim” Pastors provide pastoral support and lead a MET process. “Bridge” Pastors offer short term pastoral support until an interim or a called pastor begins.

  • Adoration, Greenfield (FT pastor) – Rev. Debra Trakel, PT interim pastor
  • Advent, Cedarburg (FT pastor) – supply pastors
  • Bethel, Muskego (PT pastor) – Rev. Maren Hooper
  • House of Prayer, Franklin (FT pastor) – Rev. Kathy Brown, FT interim pastor
  • Incarnation, Milwaukee (PT pastor) – Rev. Vicki Watkins, PT bridge pastor
  • Luther Memorial, West Allis (PT pastor) – Rev. Frank Maxwell, PT interim pastor
  • Mt Zion, Wauwatosa (FT pastor) – Rev. Josh Graber,  FT interim pastor
  • Peace, Burlington (PT pastor) – Rev. Carol Jeunnette, PT transition consultant
  • Vernon, Mukwanago (FT pastor) – Rev. David Patterson, PT interim pastor

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Posted:

  • Bayshore, Whitefish Bay (FT pastor) – Rev. Molly Doreza, FT interim pastor

Candidate Name/s Submitted to Call Committee:

  • All Peoples Church, Milwaukee (FT solo pastor) – covered by current staffing
  • Cross, Ixonia (1/2 time – shared pastor with Zion, Ashippun) – Rev. Curt Schneider, bridge pastor
  • Holy Cross, Menomonee Falls (FT associate pastor)
  • Journey in Faith, Racine (FT pastor) – Rev. Paul Ihlenfeld, PT bridge pastor
  • Redeemer, Hartford (FT pastor) – Rev. Jon Breimeier, PT interim pastor
  • Spirit Alive!, Kenosha (1/2 time at Spirit Alive! and 1/2 time at St Paul, Kenosha) – Rev. Cynthia Aasen, bridge pastor
  • St. Mark, Cudahy (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Wendy Wirth Brock, PT bridge pastor
  • St. Paul, Kenosha  (1/2 time at St Paul and 1/2 time at Spirit Alive!) – Rev. Cynthia Aasen, bridge pastor
  • Zion, Ashippun (1/2 time – shared pastor with Cross, Ixonia) – supply pastor

Calls Extended (*=started the new call):

  • Bethlehem, Muskego (PT term call pastor) – Rev. Dean Willich*
  • Cross, Burlington (FT associate pastor) – Rev. Elizabeth Lee*
  • Living Faith, Racine (FT pastor) – Rev. Chad Kline
  • St. John, Brookfield (FT senior pastor) – Rev Brian Halverson*
  • St Luke, Slinger (FT pastor) – Rev. Joy Mortensen-Wiebe*
  • St. Luke, Waukesha (FT senior pastor) – Rev. Dr. Lindsay Jordan*
  • St. Mary, Kenosha (FT senior pastor) –
  • St. Paul, Milwaukee (FT pastor) – Rev. Delaney Schlake-Kruse
  • Trinity, South Milwaukee (FT pastor) – Rev. Denise Mbise*
  • Unity, Brookfield (FT 3rd pastor) – Rev. Joshua Evans*

Rostered Ministers in Transition

As of December 12, 2018

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Changed Calls

   To the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Joshua Evans, from candidate for call, to called associate pastor at Unity, Brookfield
  • Rev. Elizabeth Lee, from the South Central Synod, to called associate pastor at Cross, Burlington
  • Rev. Joy Mortensen-Wiebe, from the South Central Synod, to called pastor at St Luke, Slinger
   Within the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Brian Halverson, from term call pastor at Mt Hope, West Allis to called pastor at St John’s, Brookfield.
  • Rev. Lindsay Jordan, from called pastor at Christ the King, Delafield to called pastor at St Luke, Waukesha
  • Rev. Denise Mbise, from term call pastor at Living Faith, Racine to called pastor at Trinity,  South Milwaukee
  • Rev. Dean Willich, from OLC to term call pastor at Bethlehem, Muskego.
    From the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Timothy Singleton, from called pastor at Adoration, Greenfield to the Southwest California Synod

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Moved to On Leave from Call (OLC)

  • Rev. Elizabeth Baires, from called pastor at Lutheran Church of the Great Spirit to OLC

Rostered Ministers Recently Retired

  • Rev. John Holm, from a synod call to interim ministry at St Mary’s, Kenosha to retirement.

Remembering Rostered Ministers who have Recently Died

  • Deacon Merle W Boos, a retired Minister of Word and Service, died December 11, 2018, in West Bend.  Merle served at Churchwide within the Division for Outreach from 1969 to his retirement on 12/31/93. Prior to that ministry he served as a Lay Associate at Incarnation in Milwaukee. The service for Merle will be held this Saturday, December 15, at Trinity Lutheran Church, 140 N. 7th Ave. in West Bend, WI, where he was a member. Visitation starts at Noon, followed by the service at 2:00 p.m. We give thanks for the life and ministry of Deacon Merle Boos.
  • Rev. Howard Knox, a retired Minister of Word and Sacrament, died on Wednesday, December 5, at the age of 99. Pastor Knox served congregations in Lancaster, Brookfield, and Kenosha, Wisconsin, also serving for three years as a camp director from 1967-1970. He retired in 1985, but remained active and involved as a member of St. Luke Lutheran Church in Slinger, WI. He also served in the U.S. Navy from 1942-1945 during WWII. Pastor Knox’s service will be held on Monday, December 31, at St. Luke in Slinger (4860 Arthur Rd.) with visitation starting at 10:00 a.m. and service at 11:00 a.m. We give thanks for the life and ministry of Pastor Howard Knox.
  • Deacon Linda Schmidt, a Minister of Word and Service, died on Monday, December 10, 2018, in Geneseo, Illinois. Deacon Linda was commissioned as an Associate in Ministry on September 10, 1988, by the ELCA. She served Zion Lutheran Church (Madison, Wisconsin) Wilmette Lutheran Church (Wilmette, Illinois), Zion Lutheran Church (Clinton, Iowa) St. Mary’s Lutheran Church (Kenosha, Wisconsin) and First Lutheran Church (Geneseo, Illinois). Visitation will be held from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Saturday, December 15, 2018, at First Lutheran Church, 114 E. Main Street, Geneseo, Illinois. Funeral services will be held on Sunday, December 16, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 114 E. Main Street, Geneseo. We give thanks for the life and ministry of Deacon Linda Schmidt.