Life is a series of transitions from birth to death. At best, transition, though painful, can provide individuals and communities with a time of reflection, vision and opportunity to effect creative change. At worst, transitions can be disruptive and discouraging, leaving individuals and/or communities drained of spirit or hope. In all instances transitions are made easier if there is a system of nrture and support in place to assist, coach, mentor or advise the individual and/or community through the time of transition. For individuals this support and nurture may come from parents, friends, partners and/or colleagues. For communities this support and nurture is more formalized and may be provided by someone who is appointed, elected or hired to assist the community in transition

Congregations in Transition

As of September 16, 2020

Recent Vacancy:

  • Note: “PACT” stands for “Pastors Accompanying Congregations in Transition”. A PACT includes the following types of positions: “Interim Pastors” provide pastoral support, and lead a MET process. “Transition Pastors” provide pastoral support, and do not lead a MET process. “Transition Consultants” help lead a MET process, and have limited pastoral support responsibilities. “Bridge Pastors” offer short term pastoral support until an interim or a called pastor begins. “Consistent Supply Pastors” cover weekly worship for an extended period of time and have limited additional pastoral responsibilities.
  Vacancy covered by supply pastors or current staffing:
  • Good Shepherd Trinity, Milwaukee – PC/USA & ELCA (solo pastor)
  • Our Saviors, Oconomowoc (senior pastor)
  • St Luke, Sheboygan Falls (solo pastor)
  • St Matthew, Wauwatosa (senior pastor)
  • Unity, Brookfield (associate pastor
 PACT begun and/or Mission Exploration Team (MET) in process:
  • Abiding Savior, Milwaukee (solo pastor) – Rev. Dean Natterstad, PT interim pastor
  • Ascension, Milwaukee (FT bi-lingual co-pastor) – Rev. German Novelli, PT bridge pastor
  • Bethlehem, Muskego (solo PT pastor) – Rev. Molly Doreza, PT interim pastor
  • Capitol Drive, Milwaukee (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Bill Mains, PT bridge pastor
  • Dr. Martin Luther Church, Oconomowoc (FT solo pastor) – Rev Steve Samuelson, FT interim pastor
  • Emaus, Racine (PT pastor, bi-lingual) – supply pastors for Spanish language service
  • Gethsemane, Brookfield (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Karen Natterstad, PT interim pastor
  • Gloria Dei, Menomonee Falls (PT solo pastor) – Rev. David Patterson, PT interim pastor
  • Living Christ, Germantown (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Michael Anderson, PT interim pastor
  • Living Faith, Racine (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Bill Mains, PT interim pastor
  • Lord of Life, Kenosha (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Carol Jeunnette, interim pastor
  • Lutheran Church of the Great Spirit, Milwaukee (PT solo pastor) – supply pastors
  • Luther Memorial, West Allis (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Frank Maxwell, PT interim pastor
  • Mt. Hope, West Allis (solo pastor) – Rev. Kathy Brown, FT interim pastor
  • Spirit of Peace, Milwaukee (PT solo pastor) – supply pastors and Rev. Frank Maxwell, PT Transition Consultant
  • St. Paul, Kenosha (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Cindy Aasen, PT transition pastor
  • St Paul, Random Lake (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Marilyn Borchardt and Rev. Dale Erickson, consistent supply pastors

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Posted:

  • Bethel, Muskego (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Molly Doreza, PT bridge pastor
  • Incarnation, Milwaukee (PT solo pastor) – Char Guiliani, PT bridge pastor
  • Our Saviors, West Bend (FT pastor)

Candidate Name/s Submitted to Call Committee:

  • Adoration, Greenfield (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Debra Trakel, PT interim pastor
  • Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine (solo pastor)
  • Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Racine (FT associate pastor)

Calls Extended (*=started the new call):

  • Advent, Cedarburg (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Alexis Twito*
  • Ascension, Waukesha (FT associate pastor) – Rev. Anthony Acompanado*
  • Christ the King, Delafield (FT solo pastor) – Rev. Jackie Cook
  • First, West Allis (FT solo 3 yr term call pastor) – Rev. Josh Graber*
  • Redemption, Wauwatosa (PT solo pastor) – David Rebey (Ordination service on Saturday, September 19th at Christ Our Savior, Sussex at 2:00pm)
  • Vernon, Mukwonago (FT solo pastor) – Rev. John Anderson*

Rostered Ministers in Transition

As of September 16, 2020

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Changed Calls

   To the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Anthony Acompanado, from candidacy to called pastor at Ascension, Waukesha
  • John Anderson, from candidacy to called pastor at Vernon, Mukwanago
  • Rev. Paul Nuechterlein, from North/West Lower Michigan Synod to GMS – retired
  • David Rebey, from candidacy to called pastor at Redemption, Wauwautosa
  • Rev. Robert Trendel, from Metro Chicago to GMS – retired
   Within the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Josh Graber, from OLC to called pastor at First, West Allis
  • Rev. Chris Manke, from called senior pastor at St Matthew’s, Wauwatosa to Executive Director of Outreach for Hope
  • Rev. Alexis Twito, from synod call to specialized ministry to called pastor at Advent, Cedarburg
    From the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Joshua Evans, from Unity, Brookfield to Metro Chicago Synod

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Moved to On Leave from Call (OLC)

  • Rev. Paul Ihlenfeld, from Interim Ministry at Our Savior, West Bend to OLC
  • Rev. Elizabeth Jaeger, from St Luke, Sheboygan Falls to OLC
  • Rev. Harvard Stephens, from contract pastor at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine to OLC
  • Rev. Richard Suero, from Faith/Santa Fe to OLC

Rostered Ministers Recently Retired

  • Rev. Jonathan Breimeier, from OLC to retirement
  • Rev. Wendy Wirth Brock, from Interim Ministry to retirement

Remembering Rostered Ministers who have Recently Died

  • Rev. James Davis. Rev. Davis died on April 3, 2020. Rev. Davis served three parishes during his ordained ministry: Reformation, Milwaukee (’81-’82), Dallas Lutheran, New York (’82-’84), and Augustana, Milwaukee (’84-’93). A memorial service will be planned for later in the year.
  • Rev. Stan Hanna. Rev. Hanna died on June 24,2020. Rev Hanna served in the GMS for 42 years, first at Cross, Burlington and then at Prince of Peace, Milwaukee. Celebration of Life service TBA.
  • Rev. Paul Kuenning. Rev. Kuenning died on Monday, March 9, 2020. He retired in 1985 after faithfully serving Incarnation in Milwaukee from 1970-1985. His earlier calls were at Church of Our Savior in Fond Du Lac, WI, Unity in Chicago, and St. Luke’s in Park Ridge, IL. Memorial service TBA.
  • Rev. William Truby. Rev. Truby died on Monday, March 9, 2020. Pastor Truby served most of his career as Executive Director of the United Lutheran Program for the Aging, known now as Luther Manor. Memorial service TBA.
  • Rev. James Swiecichowski. Rev. Swiecichowski died July 28, 2020. He was ordained in 1971, serving Our Savior Lutheran in Albany, MN and St Thomas in Milwaukee, WI before retiring in 2008. A memorial service was held on August 15th at Peace of Mind Funeral Home in West Milwaukee.