Life is a series of transitions from birth to death. At best, transition, though painful, can provide individuals and communities with a time of reflection, vision and opportunity to effect creative change. At worst, transitions can be disruptive and discouraging, leaving individuals and/or communities drained of spirit or hope. In all instances, transitions are made easier if there is a system of nurture and support in place to assist, coach, mentor or advise the individual and/or community through the time of transition. For individuals this support and nurture may come from parents, friends, partners and/or colleagues. For communities this support and nurture is more formalized and may be provided by someone who is appointed, elected or hired to assist the community in transition.

Congregations in Transition

As of May 15, 2018

Recent Vacancy:

(Interim pastor has not yet begun)

  • Cross, Burlington (associate pastor)
  • Incarnation, Milwaukee (PT pastor)
  • Mt Zion, Wauwatosa (FT pastor)
  • Vernon, Mukwanago (FT pastor)

Mission Exploration Process:

(no candidates received at this time) NOTE: “Transition Pastors” provide pastoral support and consistency to the congregation during a time of rostered minister transition, and do not lead a MET process. “Transition Consultants” help lead a MET process, and have limited pastoral leadership responsibilities. “Interim” Pastors provide pastoral support and lead a MET process. “Bridge” Pastors offer short term pastoral support until an interim or a called pastor begins.

  • Advent, Cedarburg (FT pastor) – Rev. Debra Trakel, FT interim pastor
  • All People’s Church (FT lead pastor) – Rev. Alexis Twito, PT transition consultant
  • Bayshore, Whitefish Bay (FT pastor) – Rev. Molly Doreza, FT interim
  • House of Prayer, Franklin (FT pastor) – Rev. Kathy Brown, FT interim pastor
  • Peace, Burlington (PT pastor) – Rev. Carol Juennette, PT transition consultant
  • Redeemer, Hartford (FT pastor) – Rev. Jon Breimeier, PT interim
  • Redemption, Wauwatosa (PT pastor) – Rev. Maren Hooper, PT transition pastor
  • Spirit Alive!, Kenosha (PT pastor) – Rev. Sue Ruehle, PT transition pastor
Holy Closure
  • St. Andrew, Sheboygan (last service May 20th) – Rev. Paul Ihlenfeld, PT interim

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Posted:

 Associate Pastor Positions
  • Fox Point, Fox Point (FT 2nd associate pastor)
  • Holy Cross, Menomonee Falls (associate pastor)
 Co-Pastor Positions
  • Ascension, Milwaukee (FT 3rd co-pastor) – Rev. Kipp Zimmerman, bridge pastor
 Lead or Senior Pastor Positions:
  • St. John, Brookfield (FT senior pastor) – Rev. Frank Janzow PT transition consultant
  • St. Luke, Waukesha (FT senior pastor) – covered by current staffing
  • St. Mary, Kenosha (FT senior pastor) – Rev. John Holm, FT interim
Shared Pastor
  • Cross, Ixonia (PT pastor) – Rev. James Stein, PT interim
  • Zion, Ashippun (PT pastor) – supply pastor
 Solo Pastor positions:
  • Emaus, Racine (FT bi-lingual solo pastor) – supply
  • Holy Trinity, West Allis (FT pastor) – Rev. Dean Natterstad, FT interim
  • Journey in Faith, Racine (FT pastor) – supply
  • Living Faith, Racine (FT pastor) – covered by current staffing
  • St. Mark, Cudahy (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Wendy Wirth Brock, PT bridge pastor
  • St. Paul, Kenosha (PT solo pastor) – Rev. Sue Ruehle, PT bridge pastor
  • St. Paul, Milwaukee (FT pastor) – Rev. Jacob Werkheiser, PT transition pastor
  • Trinity, South Milwaukee (FT pastor) – Rev. Michael Mueller, FT interim

Candidate Name/s Submitted to Call Committee:

  • Lord of Life, Kenosha (FT associate pastor) – Rev. Cynthia Aasen, PT transition pastor
  • Mt. Pleasant, Racine (FT senior pastor) – Rev. Bill Mains, FT transition pastor
  • St. Luke, Slinger (FT pastor) – Rev. Steve Clingman, FT interim
  • Unity, Brookfield (FT 3rd pastor) – Rev. Jennifer Carlson, FT transition pastor

Calls Extended & Accepted

  • Atonement, Muskego (FT associate pastor)
  • Christ Our Savior, Sussex (FT associate pastor)
  • First United, Sheboygan (FT associate pastor)
  • Lake Park, Milwaukee (3/4 to FT associate pastor)
  • Our Savior’s, Oconomowoc (FT Administration pastor)

Rostered Ministers in Transition

As of May 15, 2018

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Changed Calls

   Within the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Kathy Brown, from called pastor at Messiah, Twin Lakes to interim pastor at House of Prayer, Franklin
  • Rev. Molly Doreza, from called pastor at Vernon, Mukwanago to interim pastor at Bay Shore, Bayshore
   To the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Melody Brink, from OLC to 2 year term call pastor at Messiah, Twin Lakes
  • Rev. Tracy Polzin, from Northern Great Lakes Synod, to called pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Oconomowoc
   From the Greater Milwaukee Synod
  • Rev. Eric Luedtke, from associate pastor at St John, Brookfield to Minneapolis Syond

Rostered Ministers Recently Moved to On Leave from Call (OLC)

  • Rev. Kristin Rice, from associate pastor at Cross, Burlington to OLC

Rostered Ministers Recently Retired

  • Rev. Larry Westfield, from Lutheran Planned Giving to retirement

Retired Rostered Ministers Who Have Transferred Synods

  • Rev. Harvey Berg, from GMS roster to East Central Synod roster
  • Rev. Robert Hanson, from East Central Synod to GMS
  • Rev. Carol Jeunnette, from New England Synod to GMS
  • Rev. Curt Schneider, from Northeast Iowa Synod to GMS

Rostered Ministers Who Have Recently Died

  • Rev. Glen Holmquist – died on March 24, 2018