May 31, 2018 6:00 pm — June 2, 2018 12:00 pm
Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center
2810 Golf Road

Waukesha, WI 53187 United States
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The number of lay voting members your congregation elects depends on the number of baptized members (not voting or confirmed members) in the congregation. Lay voting members from larger congregations should be as evenly divided between female and male as possible.

  • All congregations, regardless of size, may elect at least two lay voting members to the Synod Assembly, normally one of whom shall be male and one female.
  • Congregations with 750 through 1,249 baptized members may elect a third lay voting member.
  • One additional lay voting member may be added for each additional 500 baptized members of the congregation. So, for example, a congregation with 1,250 to 1,749 baptized members would elect four lay voting members, one with 1,750 to 2,249 baptized members would elect five, and so on.

Women and Justice Listening Post/Hearing
3:00 pm in the Woodfield Room

In 2009, the Churchwide Assembly authorized the development of a social statement on women and justice. The ELCA Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ has been at work since 2012 and brought the work to a crucial stage: On November 15, 2017 it released the Draft of a Social Statement on Women and Justice. The comment period on the Draft is open until September 30, 2018.

Our Greater Milwaukee Synod will be hosting two hearings on the draft statement, one of which will be on Thursday, May 31, 3:00-4:30 p.m. as part of our opening events for Synod Assembly. Hearings provide an opportunity for participants to share with the task force their concerns, appreciations and suggestions about a draft social statement. They also provide a place for participants to hear what others are thinking. However, hearings are not a time for discussion or debate. They are a time to offer feedback concerning specific parts of the text. Materials to prepare for this conversation are located here.

A second hearing will be held on June 16 from 9:30am-11:00am at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Wauwatosa. Learn more about this second hearing here.

Using a Historical Lens to Build Racial Understanding with Reggie Jackson
6:30 pm in the Grand Ballroom

We will take a close look at the historical forces that have created racial divisions throughout the nations history to gain a better understanding of how we became a nation that is so divided by race. We will look at some common sense solutions that will assist us in making progress towards building a racially just society that we will all benefit from as Americans.


Reggie Jackson grew up in Milwaukee, and is a graduate of Concordia University and Head Griot (docent) of America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee. He has been widely recognized and honored for his work in building understanding of the historical causes of segregation, as well as the modern opportunities for racial understanding. Most recently, he was the 2017 winner of the Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award from the City of Milwaukee and was honored in February of 2018 with the first ever MICAH Legacy Award. For over a decade, Reggie has been a much sought-after speaker for ABHM at local churches, public venues, and businesses. Reggie presents untold and seldom-told stories in African-American history and frequently conducts programs on the Black Holocaust, African American history and race relations for schools in the region.

In November of 2017, Reggie was hosted by the Greater Milwaukee Synod, offering his “History of Segregation in Milwaukee” presentation for lay and rostered leaders. Now, we are thrilled to welcome him back to kick off our 2018 Synod Assembly with a follow-up presentation entitled “Using a Historical Lens to Build Racial Understanding.” In this presentation, we will take a close look at the historical forces that have created racial divisions throughout the nation’s history to gain a better understanding of how we became a nation that is so divided by race. We will look at some common sense solutions that will assist us in making progress towards building a racially just society that we will all benefit from as Americans.

For more information about Reggie, or his new work with “Nurturing Diversity Partners,” please visit this link. https://www.facebook.com/nurturingdiversity/

Opening Worship
7:45 pm in the Grand Ballroom

Join us as we worship together at 7:45pm on May 31 in the Grand Ballroom. More information coming soon.

Optional Buffet Dinner –  $30 per person
5:00 – 6:00 pm in the Grand Salon

You are welcome to purchase an optional ticket for dinner at 5pm on May 31. The deadline to purchase a ticket is May 15 and tickets are non-refundable after May 15. This informal buffet meal is an opportunity to informally connect with others before our evening events begin.

Thursday, May 31

3:00pm Registration open
3:00pm Women and Justice Listening Post/Hearing
5:00pm Optional Dinner
6:30 pm Childcare opens
6:30 pm Reggie Jackson Presentation
7:45pm Opening Worship
8:45pm Dessert Reception

Friday, June 1

7:30am Registration opens
8:00am Breakfast
8:45am Plenary 1

  • Music
  • Devotion
  • Welcome
  • Introduction of Planning Team and Special Guests
  • Outreach for Hope Presentation
  • Report of Credentials
  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Assembly Appointments
  • Approvals of Rules/Resolutions/Election Procedure
  • Roberts Rules Tutorial
  • Recognize and Welcome New Congregations
  • Report of Nominating Committee
  • Budget Presentation
  • Resolutions (if time)

10:15am Break
10:30am Resume Plenary 1

  • Music
  • ELCA Representative Report
  • First Ballot
  • Resolutions

11:45am Breakout Explanation
12:00pm Lunch & Breakouts
2:00pm Break and transition to Plenary 2
2:15pm Plenary 2

  • Music
  • Devotion
  • LSS Welcome
  • Report of Credentials
  • Second Ballot
  • Resolutions

5:30 pm – 7:30pm Global Cafe & Food

Saturday, June 2

7:30am Registration opens
8:00am Breakfast
8:45am Plenary 3

  • Music
  • Devotion
  • Bishop’s Report
  • Action on the Budget

10:15am Break
10:30am Resume Plenary 3

  • Music
  • Report of the Synod Council
  • Action on Constitutional Amendments and Bylaws
  • Third Ballot
  • Remaining business

12:00pm Sending – install elected people

Here are some helpful things to know as you prepare to attend Synod Assembly

  • All resolutions that will be considered during Synod Assembly will be available on this page after in April. You will find them in the list of files below. We encourage you to take time the read and reflect on the resolutions before you come to assembly so that you are prepared for discussion and voting.
  • Are you looking for new ways to serve? There are a number of open positions in our synod. A list of those positions and the required nomination form is below under the nominations heading.

Are you interested in serving in our church in new ways? Below is a list of open positions in our synod. If you’d like more information about any of these positions please contact our office at 414.671.1212.

Each position requires a nomination form to be submitted to Mary Romskog as soon as possible, preferably before March 31. You can email the nomination form directly to mary@milwaukeesynod.org or mail it to:

Greater Milwaukee Synod
Attn: Mary Romskog
1212 S. Layton Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Open Positions for Nominations


Join us as we gather books for the 2018 ELCA Youth Gathering Houston Literacy Campaign!

The Gathering, June 27 – July 1, 2018, taking place in Houston, has recognized the need to lift up literacy in Houston. 74% of students in the Houston Independent School District come from families that struggle to provide books for their children. Because readers become strong writers, critical thinkers and more successful students, we are partnering with our youth to “Gather” books during Synod Assembly that will travel to Houston this summer. This project is part of the Gathering’s Service Learning experience.

Please share the news about this book drive in your congregations by using the flyer below. Bring your books to Synod Assembly May 31 – June 2 and we’ll divide them up to travel with our Greater Milwaukee Synod youth.

All books must be from the approved list below and new or gently used only.

Blast Off For Books



Synod Assembly 2018 - Nominations and Elections

2018-Nomination-form-with-instructionsSynod Assembly 2018 - Nominations and Elections1.3 MiB
Open Positions for NominationsSynod Assembly 2018 - Nominations and Elections81.0 KiB

Synod Assembly 2018 - Reports

Grand View University ReportSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports90.4 KiB
2018 Synod Assembly Letter Bishop Eaton-SpanishSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports213.1 KiB
2018 Synod Assembly Letter Bishop EatonSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports151.8 KiB
Wartburg College ReportSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports138.9 KiB
Carthage College 2018Synod Assembly 2018 - Reports112.5 KiB
Lutheran Office Of Public PolicySynod Assembly 2018 - Reports258.3 KiB
Lutherdale ReportSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports51.0 KiB
Portico ReportSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports104.8 KiB
Wartburg College ReportSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports138.9 KiB
Wisconsin Council Of ChurchesSynod Assembly 2018 - Reports188.9 KiB

Synod Assembly 2018 - Resolutions

2018-Guidelines-for-ResolutionsSynod Assembly 2018 - Resolutions546.2 KiB
Resolutions Coming SoonSynod Assembly 2018 - Resolutions17.0 KiB

Synod Assembly 2018 - Resources

Blast Off For BooksSynod Assembly 2018 - Resources752.8 KiB
Synod-Assembly-Permission-SlipSynod Assembly 2018 - Resources408.5 KiB


May 31 @ 6:00 pm
June 2 @ 12:00 pm