Participating congregations will be discerning their unique answer to this question: “As we listen to God, one another, and our neighbors, what future do we imagine God is bringing forth in our midst?” The answer needs to come from Christ and our willingness to ask hard questions and listen for answers, as well as our ability to take risks, secure in our standing in Christ.

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What is a Learning Community?

A learning community is a group of congregations who commit to one another in a nine-month learning experience. Through prayer, skill-building, action and reflection they address their most pressing questions about the future.

The experience includes three Saturday workshops and ongoing coaching calls with synod leaders.

How will my congregation benefit?

  • Train effective lay spiritual leaders through workshops and coaching.
  • Learn to discern and respond to God’s leading.
  • Deepen your congregation’s spirituality.
  • Build connections with other congregations.
  • Engage and inspire your membership.
  • Affirm your faith that God has a vital role for your congregation to play.


If you are interested in learning more about future cohorts, please contact Matthew Short or download and return the covenant.

Training #1
Saturday, October 8, 2022

Tracing God’s Movement in Our Lives and Neighborhoods

This first training helps equip participants to listen to God in their local contexts. Participants will dwell in Scripture together, share stories about what God is doing in the life of their local congregation, and notice where God might be at work in their everyday lives. The goal for these practices is to help the participants begin to answer the question, “What might God be up to?”


FI Session 1 Files

Training #2
Saturday, January 21, 2023

Learn by Doing: Using Action Learning to Discover God’s Leading

In our second Learning Community training, we will focus on helping participants use action learning to deepen their exploration of what they think God might be up to. The idea is to help participants “behave their way into new thinking,” rather than only trying to think their way into new behaviors. Participants will be given simple action learning experiments to try with others in their congregation.

FI Session 2 files

Training #3
Saturday, April 22, 2023

Sharing Our Learning: Intentional Reflection on Our Actions

Our third training will focus on learning to share what we’ve learned from the action learning experiments we did. Action learning requires intentional reflection on what was done so we can see what God might be teaching us!

FI Session 3 Files

Prepared Sheets to lead “Dwelling in the Word”

Texts for Dwelling in the Word

Exodus 16 – Manna in the Wilderness

Mark 4 – The Parable of the Sower

Luke 10 – The Mission of the 70

John 6 – The Feeding of the 5000

John 15 – Jesus, the True Vine

Pastor Jane Johnson, of Stevens Point, WI, explains what she and her congregation experienced as they began asking what God was doing in their community and how they could participate.

[Download this video here]


If your congregation is interested in participating in a future cohort, here are some next steps:

  1. Gather a Guiding Team of four to six members to participate in the trainings listed above. Each Guiding Team will be responsible to help others from the congregation to participate in the activities and learning that will take place between trainings.
  2. Each council will need to pray over, discuss, and approve their congregation’s participation.
  3. Each congregation will be asked to contribute $500 or less to cover all three trainings, food, materials, and monthly coaching. This is a sliding scale that can be negotiated with synod staff based on congregational need. Please contact Matthew Short,  Assistant to the Bishop for Evangelical Mission, to discuss this further.
  4. Download and complete the Covenant form.