1. Congregational Vitality Survey

A simple and affordable tool that will help gauge your congregation’s own sense of its

vitality and purpose. This can be a helpful tool for the group to collectively name the

need for change.


Links: (I’ve attached all these documents to this e-mail)

Sample Short Survey (free; scores entered online)

Sample Short Survey Report

Sample Long Survey (much more detailed; surveys sent off for scoring)

Sample Long Survey Report

Long Survey Pricing Sheet


  1. Ideological Shifts (I’ve attached this document to this e-mail)

A document that names a number of mission-focused shifts that congregations are

perennially called to consider, along with ideas of small ways to live into those shifts

throughout the discernment process.


  1. History Exercise (I’ll provide a version of this later)

This exercise helps your congregation name both the beautiful and difficult parts of their

collective history, naming the ways God has been active in both. This serves as an

important foundation for discerning what God might be up to in the next chapter of

your congregation’s story.


  1. Community Mapping Exercise (I’ll provide a version of this later)

This exercise helps your congregation become aware of the surrounding neighborhood

or community, specifically highlighting the mission opportunities in both the places that

are well known and those that are not well known.


  1. Inside…Outside (Sarah – can you visit https://nclutheran.org/holyconversations/ and

            steal this document from them? They have given us permission J – but you’ll have to

            make our own version of it with our logo…)

This exercise helps members visually tell the story of the ministries of your congregation

that serve those inside the congregation, and those outside the congregation. After

members present their results to each other, it is helpful to follow up with these three

simple, open-ended questions:

– As you look at this snapshot of our ministries, what do you notice?

– As you look at this snapshot, what are you curious about?

– What do you think God might be nudging us to consider based on what we’ve shared?