What are the most pressing questions your congregation is facing right now? Would you like to join with other congregations facing similar challenges?

In the Fall of 2017, the Greater Milwaukee Synod invites congregations to join a pilot learning community that will take you through a 9-month-long peer learning experience focused on the topics you care most about. A learning community is a group of 3-8 congregations who all want to focus on a particular challenge or question. They commit to coming together 3 times over 9 months to learn from each other and receive training. Anyone from any of the participating congregations can come to these gatherings. Congregations will take actions in-between the learning community gatherings, and report back to the group what they learn. The pastors of these congregations will be invited to gather monthly to discuss their role in helping empower the congregation in this process. These peer-learning cohorts provide a place for pastors to ask questions that are unique to their role. The work of these clergy groups will be shaped by what the congregations identify as their most pressing question. The spiritual practices of listening, discerning, experimenting and reflecting will be utilized to help these learning communities address the question they are focused on. Congregations can choose one of the five Focus Questions that came out of the cluster listening sessions (listed below,) or you may choose another question of common concern.

Join with other congregations to learn together about how to address the most pressing questions we are facing together.
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Focus Questions (Click on each question to open a PDF with more details)

  1. How would the young people of our congregation and community describe their hopes and fears?
  2. How would our neighbors describe their hopes for this community in the next 5-10 years?
  3. How do the experiences of those from different backgrounds differ from our own?
  4. How do people with different political views connect their faith with their values and behaviors?
  5. What is God inviting us to pay attention to in our neighborhoods?


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