The Lutheran Campus Ministry board meets monthly to oversee the work of Lutheran Campus Ministry, support students and pastors, and help raise awareness of the mission and ministry of Lutheran Campus Ministry within the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

Current board members are:

Russell Fung – Chair – Lake Park Lutheran Church, Milwaukee
Kris Collett – Secretary – All People’s Church, Milwaukee
Pastor Matthew Kruse – Treasurer – St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Wauwatosa
Mary Lou Zuege – At Large – Kingo Lutheran Church, Shorewood
Nicole Garey – Student Member
Brianna Heeley – Student Member
Ryan Scott Neidinger – Student Member
Katherine Clare Radke – Student Member
Pastor Jessica Short – Ex-Officio – Pastor at Marquette LCM
Pastor Rachel Young Binter – Ex-Officio – Pastor at UWM LCM
Mary Callan-Farley – Ex-Officio – Marquette Representative
Rev. Matthew Short – Fundraiser-In-Chief

See our featured board member below!!

Russell Fung was a regular visitor at the Corner House during his last year as a graduate student at UWM, and enjoyed both the cozy worship space and the people he met there. That experience definitely helped shape his faith life. Now as a Senior Scientist at UWM Physics and a member of Lake Park Lutheran Church, he is a co-chair of the Campus Ministry Partnership at Lake Park and visits the Corner House at least once a week when school is in session, and serves as the advisor of the LCM student organization at UWM.