College is a transformative time. Career decisions, changing relationships, and new life experiences are all a part of the journey. And it can be fun, but it can also be stressful! The Corner House is a safe place to be surrounded by people who want to support you in the journey—who will laugh with you, challenge you, hear your stories, and help you know your sacred place on earth. You don’t need to be Lutheran to come or even know what you believe. Campus ministry is a place to ask questions, seek answers, and be reminded that there is a greater Love that holds us and is guiding our way.

The Corner House is located at 3074 North Maryland Avenue, on the SE corner of Kenwood and Maryland. We are a Reconciling in Christ community, fully embracing our LGBT siblings in faith, and the gifts of all people.

Come to study, rest, play, serve, worship, and live more deeply into the grace of God!

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