This page of resources are in response to the LIFT (Living into the Future Together) initiative by the ELCA. We hope they are helpful for you and your congregation

Living into Our Future Together

  • What do you believe God is calling your congregation to be and do in your community? Has your congregation ever developed a mission plan for following that call?
  • Congregations are being encouraged to form and participate in networks within and across your synod that will engage more people in creative approaches to ministry. In what kinds of networks are you already a part? What kinds of networks can you imagine participating in?
  • Please visit these links which will offer you and your leaders a number of resources and options to explore where you are seeing Jesus in your day-to-day ministry. You may also contact Sandy Chrostowski, Director for Evangelical Mission to help get you started.

Downloadable Resources

Acts Retreat - ParticipantMission Planning58.0 KiB
Acts Retreat-Leader outlineMission Planning67.5 KiB
BEYOND OUR DOORS - Congregational Mission PlanningMission Planning484.9 KiB
From: Church with a Mission 
To: Missional ChurchMission Planning1.2 MiB
Guiding Principles for Congregational Mission PlanningMission Planning25.7 KiB
Mission Planning for Congregations - presentation 2012Mission Planning766.3 KiB
Mission Planning Resources 2012Mission Planning16.7 KiB
Missional Leadership Resources for CongregationsMission Planning19.5 KiB
Moving Back into the Neighborhood - The WorkbookMission Planning835.3 KiB
RE-Rooting in our CommunitiesMission Planning2.6 MiB
Unity Lutheran: 2012 Ministry PlanMission Planning25.9 KiB
Unity Lutheran: Discipleship ExpectationsMission Planning27.0 KiB
Unity's Story of Visioning Mission Planning22.9 KiB