After receiving 57 comments on the second draft of the statement, posted at the end of March, changes were made to several sections, including the mission statement, and an additional practice, Invitation, was added. This final version was approved by the synod council for consideration by the synod assembly, and the motion will be to approve the statement as presented. Amendments to the statement itself will not be in order. A no vote by the assembly would send the document back to the synod council for additional revisions. We are grateful for all who have given input. Additionally, once the statement is approved, supplemental materials will be prepared and distributed, such as bible studies and discussion guides, to facilitate engagement with the statement on a congregational level.

Vision Mission Values Practices Statement - Final

About This Process

Timeline that we used to gather feedback:

  • March 5 – deadline for comments on draft 1
  • March 21 – Synod Council approved draft 2
  • March 31 – draft 2 was posted for comment
  • May 9 – deadline for comments on draft 2
  • June 1 – final statement will be presented to Synod Assembly


Synod Mission Vision Frame

Previous draft statements that led to the final statement listed above:

Vision Mission Values Practices Statement - Draft 1

Vision, Mission, Values, Practices Statement - Draft 2