We are in the midst of revising the Greater Milwaukee Synod mission statement, expanding it to include a statement of the vision, mission, values, and practices that will guide our work moving forward. The first draft of this statement is below, which has been formed in response to input generated at the 2018 Synod Assembly, the fall Fed for the Journey events, and a recent synod council retreat. The framework we are using for this work is also posted below. We invite feedback and comments in the space provided. The synod council will be reviewing the responses received at their March and May meetings, in the hope of presenting a statement at the 2019 Synod Assembly on June 1.


  • March 5 – deadline for comments on draft 1
  • March 21 – Synod Council will approve draft 2
  • March 31 – draft 2 will be posted for comment
  • May 10 – deadline for comments on draft 2
  • June 1 – final statement presented to Synod Assembly