Mission Insite

A Tool for Congregations

Mission Insite is a suite of tools that our Greater Milwaukee Synod is now able to provide free* to every congregation!

These tools can help you see who lives near your church, learn more about demographic trends, and sharpen your ability to ask good questions about how your congregation is blessed to be a blessing where it is rooted.

Mission Insite offers…
  • Data that can help you ask better questions about how to be a blessing in your community.
  • Maps that show where your congregation members live, and where other population centers and opportunities might be.
  • Access to demographic data and trends that can help you understand the changing landscape of your community.
  • Sociological surveys that reveal trends in attitudes toward faith.
  • The ability to create custom reports, giving you data on any geographic area you define.

Want to learn more and sign up? Use the information below to take the next steps.

Want to register to use these tools with your congregation? Contact Pastor Matthew Short at matt@milwaukeesynod.org.
* This tool is provided free of charge to every congregation in our synod through a synod-wide financial investment.
To learn more about how our collective resources fund initiatives like this, visit milwaukeesynod.org/stories.