Ministry Leader (Lake Park Lutheran, Milwaukee)


Ministry Leader Job Description

Lake Park Lutheran Church

Application Process: Please send your Resume and Cover Letter to: Individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

About Us: Located on the vibrant East Side of Milwaukee, Lake Park Lutheran Church is a welcoming community which believes there is no wrong way to worship. Just as Christ invites all to God’s table, we welcome all to worship and commune with us. We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation that has made a renewed commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) and to supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ by upholding the Gospels’ call to be actively anti-racist. To learn more about us, please view 

Position Purpose: We are looking for a leader, to work alongside our Pastor, who will help connect members of Lake Park Lutheran Church to meaningful service and experiences as we aspire to learn with humility and grace, act with courage and faith, and live God’s teachings through our ministries and community. The partner in this role will provide spiritual, faith, and community leadership to the membership of Lake Park Lutheran Church. All aspects of this position will be performed with a recognition of our congregation’s commitment to seek diversity, to foster inclusion, and to pursue equity and justice with and for traditionally marginalized communities. This commitment is shared by all Lake Park staff, and this position plays a special role in helping the congregation realize that commitment. 


  1. Congregation Small Group Engagement, Connections, Empowerment and Participation

  • To encourage and guide congregational spiritual growth as a body and as individuals through meaningful faith experiences with internal small groups by aligning people with activities and groups that empower and energize them and facilitating small group participation.

  • To help develop and empower key leaders within the congregation, especially those from traditionally marginalized communities, to lead small groups in a Christian manner. 

  • To help ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for new members entering into the life of the congregation in conjunction with the boards, teams, committees and organizations of the congregation.

  1. Connecting Members to External Partners

  • To facilitate, encourage and guide congregational spiritual growth as a body and as individuals by fostering meaningful collaboration with external partners by all organizations and ministries of the church as they carry out the mission work of Christ. 

  • To play a key role in representing Lake Park with our external ministry and social justice partners in the larger community. 

  1. Youth and Family Education

  • To oversee the administration and management of all areas of the congregation’s ministry in youth and adult education in consultation with the Church Council and appropriate boards, committees, staff and pastor. 

  • To play a key role in assisting lay leaders in teaching children, youth, and adults in the Christian education program(s) of the congregation. 

  1. Worship Support

  • To regularly (generally 1 or 2 times a month) preach and teach the Word of God in worship to the congregation. 

  • To help plan and lead Music Leadership, and Worship Leadership in collaboration with the pastor.

  • To help work with the Music Leadership to develop and maintain a music program for all ages and to integrate music into worship and other areas of the congregation. 

  1. Shared Core Responsibilities 

  • Helping the congregation realize its renewed commitment to seeking diversity, fostering inclusion and pursuing equity and justice with and for traditionally marginalized communities.

  • Providing pastoral care to members and neighbors through visitation, comfort, support and prayer.

  • Making appropriate referrals when necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations which arise in the congregation. 

  • Building a sense of teamwork among church staff and participate in regular staff meetings to coordinate church ministries and facilitate communication.

  • Serving as a staff representative to the following: 

    • Church Council

    • Working with the Stewardship Board to promote, educate, and advocate responsible biblical stewardship in the congregation. 

    • To assist the Church Council with financial matters of the congregation. 


  • Experience successfully leading/guiding small groups in a faith context.

  • Demonstrated track record of commitment to DEIJ efforts and goals. 

  • Extensive experience and comfort with public speaking, preferably at least in part in a faith environment; exceptional candidates will have experience preaching. 

  • Experience with leading structured youth education; exceptional candidates will also have adult education experience. 

  • Experience with developing team leaders and empowering participants in volunteer groups.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Proficient skills in digital communication and organizational tools. 

  • At least 2-3 years in education, ministry or community organizing environments.  

  • A 4-year or higher college degree is preferred, but relevant experience will be considered for exceptional candidates. 

Final Notes: This role requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The Ministry Leader should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for communication and connection with church members, staff, and community partners. This position will have support and supervision from the personnel team and current pastor. Full time salary with benefits, commensurate with experience.