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Pr. Mark Thompson

Breaking the Chains Church is a congregation inside the Felmers Chaney Correctional Center in Milwaukee. Pr. Mark Thompson began as the pastor in November of 2016. This ministry includes weekly Bible studies on Wednesday evenings and worship on Saturday evenings. Many volunteers have been trained by the Department of Corrections to be able to enter the facility and support the ministry at these weekly events. Pr. Thompson is also available during the week for one-on-one spiritual counseling with those who are incarcerated. He is also available to cultivate relationships with other congregations and community organizations.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Want to invite the pastor or other Steering Committee members to your congregation to share the powerful stories of transformation?

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Developer Venice Williams

The Table gathers as a House Church, meeting in members homes October through April and in Alice’s Garden (2136 N. 21st Street) when weather allows during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Table is where:

  • We see one other, clearly, and fully enter into the other’s humanityu
  • We we more deeply explore God’s Word
  • We we are nourished through the sharing of food, the celebrating of stories, the cultivating of our imaginations, the reclaiming of rituals, and the partaking of The Christ Meal
  • We we peel off some of the layers of the modern church, and embrace the intimacy of being Jesus followers in a “1st Century Style Community in the 21st Century.”

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Pr. Michael McAllister

Wayfarer’s Faith Collective is a new, developing ministry in 2019. The vision is to create a network of small house gatherings who each shape their own collective approach to God and spirituality. Those house gatherings will then be invited multiple times each year to larger, collective gatherings that create space for community, music and holy conversations. The primary goal of this ministry is to create spaces for those who are not already served by our current models of church.

Wayfarer’s is just beginning in the Fall of 2019 to gather in several house gatherings.

Parallel to this work, Pr. Michael McAllister gathers twice a week for “Big Questions, Thirsty Souls.” These gatherings are held in local brewpubs with individuals who have big questions and yearn for a place to wrestle together around intriguing topics.

Those interested in this approach to Christian community may choose to connect to either or both types of gatherings.

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