On Friday, June 2, from 12:30-2:30 p.m., synod assembly participants will have an opportunity to engage in conversations on topics that connect with your interests and passions. Suggested topics are listed below, and we are asking that you indicate which topics pique your interest at this time. You are not committing to participating in any of them, as the design of Open Spaces allows you to move wherever your interest and energy direct you. This process simply helps us determine which topics have the potential to gather a crowd of engaged participants. There will also be an opportunity to lift up topics at the assembly, so if nothing on the list engages your passions, be prepared to present the topic on Friday morning, and to invite others to join you.

Changes in America since the 2016 Presidential ElectionHow are you feeling about the changes in America since the election and what is the church's role in our changing society?
Women and JusticeOne in Christ - Conversations toward a new social statement.
MillenialsHow are we attending to the millennial's of our nation? What ideas do you have that might help them to know that a congregation is open to their questions?
Luther and Economic JusticeAs we begin to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, let's talk about Luther's vision of responding to grace in the world and what it means for us today. We will draw upon resources from the symposium and book, Forgotten Luther edited by Carter Lindberg and Paul Wee as well as from the work and resources of the Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin.
Moving People to a Deeper Knowing of GodHow do you move people to a deeper knowing of God's goodness, grace and glory? Paul Ihlenfeld has found a few things that help him. Do you have other resources you'd be willing to share?
ELCA World Hunger Appeal (WHA)Discover easy resources that will help WHA come alive for folks who might think "giving hungry people food" is the extent of fighting hunger. Brainstorm how to identify leaders within your own congregation and hear what's worked (or not worked) in other congregations.
Equipping Underprivileged Youth for the FutureToday’s children are the future of our community. How do we guide and encourage (especially today’s) underprivileged youth so that they are equipped to become productive members of society and have the ability to pass that legacy on to future generations?
Do we really need our urban ministries for the church to be whole?Join the Outreach for Hope staff to discuss and ponder questions about the Synod's urban commitment, benefits of Partnership, and Outreach for Hope's role in these strategies.
Zeidler Center's Program: Supporting Transformative Change in Lutheran CongregationsLet's have conversation around challenging social topics: political polarization, race relations, LGBTQ issues, etc.
"Faith, Sexism, Justice" Conversations Toward A Social StatementI would like to engage others in a conversation about "Faith, Sexism, Justice" Conversations Toward A Social Statement", the very helpful study guide produced by those working on our newest social statement.
Refugee Resettlement and ImmigrationRefugee Resettlement and immigration issues.
Spiritual Gifts InventoryUse the Spiritual Gift Inventory and see who your congregation really is. Individuals are able to affirm their gifts with some good surprises! Take your gifts to the next level.
Bee the ChangeDiscuss how congregations can host bees, develop ministries around bees, and be the next site of a Bee the Change program!
Reconciling in Christ (RIC) CommunityJoin the conversation about how congregations can join the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Community and discern a specific welcome to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Engage in topics on graceful engagement, framing conversations, creating an action plan for discernment on becoming RIC and one to one visit practices.
MILWAUKEE 53206 One Hour DocumentaryMILWAUKEE 53206 is a one-hour documentary that chronicles the lives of those affected by incarceration in America's most incarcerated zip code. Those who wish to join the conversation will watch the documentary and then have time to discuss afterwards.
Theological Education in our ChurchSeek information about LSTC admissions, alumni relations and how your congregation can participate in training church leaders for the future.
Lutheran Campus MinistryThe changing ways that people engage in faith and spirituality and what that means for the established church.
Volunteer CoordinationShare your congregation volunteer best practices. Learn from others what works in their congregations. Walk away with new resources and ideas.
Is the term "racial inequality" too broad of a topic?What are some of the "roots" of poverty and inequality in our community? Perhaps poor education, across the board, is a place to start. High incarceration rates without rehabilitation or job training is a factor, along with lack of jobs and training, and high usage of illicit drug are other areas to tackle. Join for some good brainstorming about this.
Christian Educators' Network of the ELCAYou're invited for conversation about Christian education, faith formation and to learn about the Christian Educators' Network of the ELCA.
Living and Leading WellHave conversation around how healthy leaders serve healthy communities.
Technology and MinistryHow are you using technology to support your ministry? Let's share our ideas with each other!
Diakonia and Lay EducationHow can Pastors and congregations encourage, develop and enable lay leaders for service to the community and the congregation? What are appropriate roles for lay leaders in congregations?
Making Disciples Across GenerationsLet's discuss how to embrace the cross+generational spirit of worship, how to create intentional faith formation and opportunities for practicing cross+gen principles.
Lutherdale's Program: 50 Forward50 Forward is for adults who are in the 3rd chapter of life and still have lots of life to live. There is a growing movement across the country to find ways to energize ministry for the elders of our church. One that focuses on the needs and opportunities of older adults. Come and learn about the “Promise and Peril of Elderhood” conference and the “Harvesting your Life’s Wisdom” retreat this fall. Lutherdale has been expanding our Travel Ministry program with more trips, day trips, destination trips, and shorter term trips that are closer to home. There will be more retreats in the future and more one day educational events. In this session we will all share ideas and possibilities to grow ministry with adults in the congregation.