We learned much from the pandemic on how it affected our mental health, not just for those who already suffered, but its general effect on all of us. The GMS OSUD Task Force is excited about the Team Training, the second of the three-part team training series, coming up on September 17-18, 2021. They will be providing additional information including location and agenda and suggested next steps in future communications.

The GMS OSUD Task Force described at the Leadership Training the importance of completing the next steps for initiating this congregational team ministry. We are just a little over twelve weeks away as we enter the summer months and the next big step is to schedule the congregational survey (on-line or in-person). The survey is best done, to get the best return rate, during your worship service(s) after the sermon on the topic or a ministry presentation – speaking to the importance of this survey information to the formation of this resulting ministry. The three ministry guides will help in this activity as well as conducting an exploratory meeting to cast a vision, measure congregational interest, and recruit team members.

The congregational survey and exploratory meeting are important to assess the congregational needs, determine ministry direction, build congregational support, and as stated before useful to help recruit team members using the attached contact form. Individuals you would never have guessed will step forward for this ministry opportunity.

If you have any specific questions; please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Molly Doreza (contact information below.) Thank you for your interest in initiating this important life-saving, life-giving ministry. Also, let the GMS OSUD Task Force know if there are possibly other interested congregations to contact, so they can prepare them to participate in the Team Training.

In Christ,

Pastor Molly Doreza
GMS OSUD Task Force Chair