A collaborative process of listening and dreaming together to strengthen the ELCA Lutheran churches in Milwaukee

Taking the next steps together

As we build on the collaboration already happening,
you are invited to share what’s working and what would make it easier.

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, our process has shifted, but our work of empowering collaborative ministry is even more essential!

We want to hear from you

  1. How are you already collaborating and sharing resources with colleagues and other congregations? What’s working?
  2. What could you imagine being helpful as you work together with other congregations? What further support is needed?

We invite you to share your responses in one of two ways

  1. You can provide written answers by clicking here to fill out an online form.
  2. You can record a brief video of yourself answering these questions and send it to matt.short@gmselca.org.  (Contact Matthew Short if you are unsure of how to share the video file).

Your feedback will be combined with the responses from our February 27th lunch at Cross Lutheran, and next steps will be sent by e-mail.

Thank you for continuing to strengthen our combined witness!