Pulpit Supply

Information for congregations

  • Congregations that are seeking individuals to provide preaching and/or worship leadership for Sunday worship are welcome to post such requests on the GMS Google Group (learn about the google group here). This allows individuals to contact the congregation directly to arrange for such service.
  • We strongly encourage congregations to verify that the individuals offering to provide pulpit supply are included in the list below. If someone responds who is not on this list, please ask the individual to contact the synod office at 414.671.1212 to be added to this list.
  • Congregational leaders are also welcome to contact individuals on the list below directly.

Information for those who wish to supply

  • All Ministers of Word and Sacrament on the rosters of the ELCA (active, on leave, retired, disability) are eligible to preach and preside at worship.
  • Seminarians and candidates approved for ordination are eligible to preach, but they should not preside at sacraments without the bishop’s authorization. Other laypeople who would like to be available to preach should contact the synod office for additional information.
  • Ministers from denominations that are in full communion relationships with the ELCA are only able to preach and preside if they have received approval from their judicatory and an Invitation to Occasional Service from the bishop of this synod.
  • We ask all individuals who would like to be considered for pulpit supply to complete this registration form in January of each year.  

Compensation for supply pastors is as follows:

  • $175.00 – One worship service, plus mileage (IRS rate for 2024 is 67 cents/mile)
  • $50.00 – each additional service on the same day or at another time (Saturday evening or weekday), when the preparation involved is already done for the related Sunday service.
  • Any changes/deletions/etc. to these addresses, please contact the synod office directly
Pulpit Supply List