Adventures in Renewal:

Resources for Mission Revitalization

The church and the world are changing rapidly, but the good news of Jesus is timeless!


Learning our way into this new social landscape is nothing short of an adventure, but we believe the Spirit is leading and empowering churches to be renewed through listening, ministry experimentation, and deep connection with our neighbors.


We recognize that often, we have struggled to authentically connect with those who aren’t already a part of our congregations, which has led to too many times in which the default expectation is that any newcomer needs to come in and be like “us.” These resources are meant as a first step to addressing that disconnect. By listening, learning, and experimenting, the Spirit will connect us with what God is already doing in the lives of those outside our congregation, and we will experience the renewal God desires for us all.


Below you find an ever-expanding list of resources, and a series of videos that can help your congregation follow the Spirit on these adventures of renewal.


Like any adventure, two things are very helpful as you set out:

A Team

One key to mission renewal is that it begins with a small, dedicated team whose role is to help engage the rest of the congregation in the life-giving work of following the Spirit’s lead. You could call this team a “Mission Renewal Team,” or a “Faithful Innovation Team,” or an “Outside-the-Box Team” (or whatever else fits your context).

Click here for a description of the work of a renewal team, and the kinds of characteristics we suggest you look for in team members.

A Guide

Another key part of mission renewal is coaching. A mission renewal & innovation coach can walk with your congregation’s team to help them listen to God, each other, and the broader community around them. This listening-first approach helps the congregation discern what God is up to outside the walls of the church and join in. This approach can bring a renewed sense of purpose and mission to your congregation, and help you connect with new people in new ways.

Connect With a Coach

Thanks to the generosity of all who are participating in the Equipping the Saints synod mission appeal, any congregation who desires mission renewal and innovation coaching can receive 12 months of coaching and training!

Fill out this brief form to indicate your interest in Mission Renewal & Innovation Coaching. You will then be contacted by Pr. Matthew Short, Assistant to the Bishop for Evangelical Mission, to set up an initial discernment conversation.

In that initial conversation, you will discern together how and when to begin this adventure, and talk through any questions you have about your renewal team, how this work fits with other work you are already doing, and what kind of a coach may be the best fit for you and for your congregation.

Adventures in Renewal: Videos & Resources

These videos and resources are part of what a Mission Renewal & Innovation Coach will use with your Renewal Team to help guide the process. If you are not yet ready to build a team and have a coach, feel free to use these videos with any group at your congregation to inspire a renewed sense of mission and innovation. If at any point you’d like to talk about these or other resources for renewal, please reach out to the synod office. More videos and resources will be added soon.