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Retired Partners in Ministry

Retired Partners in Ministry (RPM) is a ministry of listening and encouragement for rostered ministers.


Retired Partners in Ministry (RPM) is a group of retired rostered ministers who volunteer to encourage active rostered ministers of the Greater Milwaukee Synod. The service usually takes place when a small group of RPMs meets with a rostered minister to discuss concerns she/he brings to the group. However, RPM support might also be offered through a one-on-one session between an RPM and rostered minister.


The RPM mission is to serve as a supporting presence to active rostered ministers of the Greater Milwaukee Synod. The RPMs intend this support to strengthen rostered ministers in their service to the church and community.



–The South Team–

Clusters: Racine, Kenosha

Meeting Information: Meets on second Wednesday at Mt. Pleasant Lutheran, Racine

Rev. Kipp Zimmermann –, 917-805-5998
Rev. Diane Terault  –, 262-886-6254

Additional Participants: Rev. Gail Brodersen-Heins, Rev. John Allen


–The West Team–

Clusters: Waukesha, Milwaukee IV, Lake Country

Meeting Information: Meets quarterly at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pewaukee. Please contact Rev. Ted Romberg for details.

Coordinator: Rev. Ted Romberg –, 262-696-4521

Additional Participants: Rev.Frank Janzow, Rev.Gary Erickson, Rev.Dave Meissner, Rev. Gary Liedtke, Rev. James Stein, Rev. Gerald Goodrich


–The North Team–

Clusters: Northwest, Northern Lakeshore

Meeting Information: Meets second Wednesday at Grace Lutheran Church, Thiensville.

Rev. Chuck Brummond –, 414-232-2765
Rev. Marilyn Borchardt –, 920-994-2168

Additional Participants: Rev. Dale Erickson, Rev. Alice Horton, Mr. Chris Lear, Rev. Margaret Schoewe, Rev. Chuck Turbin


–The Central Team–

Clusters: Milwaukee I, II, III

Meeting Information: Meets on third Thursday at St. Matthew’s, Wauwatosa

Rev. Gary Johnson – omeyman88@aol.com414-526-7724
Rev. Barbara Rasmussen – barbararasmussen50@gmail.com414-791-0114

Additional Participants: Rev. Joe Ellwanger, Rev. Bob Scheuermann, Rev. Fran Odden, Rev. Ed Weiskotten, Rev. Lowell Timm, Rev. Carl Lund, Rev. Dennis Jacobson


Making an appointment

RPMs meet in four geographical areas of our synod, and the coordinators for each group are listed in this brochure. Interested rostered ministers should call or email the RPM coordinator for their cluster to arrange an appointment.

Matters to discuss

Rostered ministers set the agenda for the meeting with RPMs by sharing matters of importance to them. They may wish to address matters related to times of transition, such as beginning a new call, ending a call, or approaching retirement. Or they may wish to discuss difficult issues related to church staff, congregational councils, or church members. In addition, rostered ministers might seek help in planning a sabbatical or invite the RPMs to celebrate joys of ministry with them.


Although RPMs are sympathetic to rostered ministers’ personal issues such as marital or family relationships, they are not equipped in this setting to deal with such matters. However, RPMs will assist rostered ministers in finding resources to assist them in dealing with personal issues.


RPMs do not share the identity or the content of visits with rostered ministers with anyone. Although the RPM ministry has been endorsed by the synod bishop, RPMs keep their visits with rostered ministers strictly confidential from the bishop and the bishop’s staff.

An exception to the confidentiality would occur if a rostered leader were involved in illegal activity or pose a threat to self or others. In such an instance, the RPMs would be required to report the matter to the appropriate authority

More information

Updated information on RPMs may be accessed here or on Facebook. Rev. Lowell Timm serves as the organizer of the RPMs and welcomes those interested in this ministry to contact him at 414-915-8466 or at

Human Resource Library

A group of retired pastors and deacons of the Greater Milwaukee Synod are offering their years of experience as a gift. All offerings listed can be assessed by pastors and/or congregations of the synod. Contacts are encouraged to be made directly with the desired resource as listed below. It is important for the time, duration, intensity and follow through to be agreed upon in a mutual manner. This may vary from a quick phone call or email exchange to face to face contact.

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