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Retired Partners in Ministry

Retired Partners in Ministry (RPM) is a ministry of listening and encouragement for rostered leaders.

What is our purpose?

The purpose of this group is to be a sounding board for the sharing of challenges and opportunities encountered by rostered leaders in their respective ministries. Individuals or small groups of RPMs will be available on a regularly scheduled, no-cost basis at various locations throughout the Synod.

Who are we?

The Retired Partners in Ministry group consists of retired pastors and lay rostered leaders who have been asked to make themselves available, in an intentional and confidential manner, to other rostered leaders currently under call in the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

–The South Team–

Clusters: Racine, Kenosha

Meeting Information: Meets on second Wednesday at Mt. Pleasant Lutheran, Racine

Rev. Kipp Zimmermann –, 917-805-5998
Rev. Diane Terault  –, 262-886-6254

Additional Participants: Rev. Gail Brodersen-Heins, Rev. John Allen, and Rev. Leland Longrie

–The West Team–

Clusters: Waukesha, Milwaukee IV, Lake Country

Meeting Information: Meets quarterly at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pewaukee. Please contact Rev. Ted Romberg for details.

Coordinator: Rev. Ted Romberg –, 262-696-4521

Additional Participants: Rev.Frank Janzow, Rev.Gary Erickson, Rev.Dave Meissner, Rev. Gary Liedtke, and Rev. Gerald Goodrich

–The Central Team–

Clusters: Milwaukee I, II, III

Meeting Information: Meets on third Thursday at St. Matthew’s, Wauwatosa

Rev. Gary Johnson

Rev. Barbara Rasmussen

Additional Participants: Rev. Joe Ellwanger, Rev. Bob Scheuermann, Rev. Fran Odden, Rev. Ed Weiskotten, Rev. Lowell Timm, Rev. Carl Lund, Rev. Dennis Jacobson

–The North Team (not yet organized)–

Clusters: Northwest, Northern Lakeshore

Meeting Information: To be determined

Coordinators: To be determined

Additional Participants: Rev. Marilyn Borchardt, Rev. Dale Erickson


Who can make an appointment to meet with an RPM group or individual?

Any active pastor or rostered leader currently serving in the Greater Milwaukee Synod may take advantage of this opportunity.

What is the best way to contact an RPM in my group?

Contact your group coordinator who will be able to give you the current time and location of the group meeting and schedule an appointment for you. The coordinator will also be able to put you in touch with an individual RPM if that is what is desired.

What can I share with RPMs?

You may share any challenges or opportunities that you are encountering in the course of your ministry. Some examples would be the following: help in planning a sabbatical, issues with staff or church council, introduction of new programs, etc. Also, if you want to share your story in a collegial manner, we are willing listeners. In all cases, you will get excellent feedback from experienced ministry leaders.

What should not be shared with RPMs?

We are not equipped to deal with personal issues such as marital or family relationships. However, we will be able to find you a resource to help you deal with those issues.

Will my stories be shared with others?

The answer is a resounding NO! You can be assured that anything you share with an RPM group or an individual RPM will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with others, including the Bishop and Bishop’s staff. However, the RPMs would be required to take preventative action should the rostered person appear to be a danger to himself/herself and/or others.

For more information:

Contact Rev. Lowell Timm