Rev. Chris Manke

Executive Director, Outreach for Hope

Rev. Chris Manke, is the Executive Director for Outreach for Hope, a ministry of the
Greater Milwaukee Synod which supports life-giving ministries that serve with people of
low income communities through the Southeastern corner of Wisconsin.

Originally born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Chris attended Luther College in
Decorah, Iowa, and then Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Chris is also a pro-
amature photographer and video producer, with a love for music, images, and
technology and the ways they can declare God’s Spirit moving in this world.
Chris came to the position of Executive Director for Outreach for Hope, having served
as an Associate Pastor and then as Lead Pastor for one of the congregations in our
Synod, St. Matthew’s Lutheran in Wauwatosa for the entire 24 years of his time in

“Having been in the Greater Milwaukee synod for these 24 years, I have had the
privilege of witnessing the good work that our synod does through our congregations
and leaders in ministry. As a long-time pastor in our synod, I have also had the
opportunity to witness the many impactful ways that Outreach for Hope accompanies
ministries who walk with communities experiencing poverty. I look forward to working
more closely with the leaders of Outreach for Hope, with partner leaders, and with all of
you throughout our synod, seeking to share my love for the gospel, that we might serve
together as Christ’s church for the nurture, growth, and partnership of all people. I’m
very hopeful of what God will do through us together.”