Below are some tips and instructions to get started. More instructions and help will be added to this page in the future. Please contact us if you have any questions.

1) Viewing the directory

Using a web browser, you may view the Online Directory at

The above link will bring you to a screen asking you for a “Privacy Key” to view the directory.
(Please call the synod office to request the privacy key at 414.671.1212.)

2) Logging in to edit the directory

All rostered leaders synod council and synod committee members will get (or create) a unique username and password to be able to edit your profile information. You still visit the above link, but instead of entering the privacy key, click on the “already have an account” link, then log in on the next screen with your username and password.

Note: the privacy key is different than your username and password.

The privacy key is just used to VIEW the directory. Everyone will use this same privacy key in order to view the directory. For the privacy of our rostered leaders, we ask that you keep this privacy key and share it only within the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

Your username and password is unique to YOU, and only individuals that are listed within the directory will have a username and password. Your unique username and password is used to log into the administration area, in order for you to EDIT your listing information, update your photo, etc. Be sure to keep your password safe, just like you would your email username and passwords.

3) Editing your profile in the directory

After logging in, you will see the directory, along with some tabs across the top. (Everything except the “Admin” tab that you see on this example)