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General guidelines for submitting a story
Submit an article/writeup about an event, your organization itself, or both. Multiple articles/stories per person or congregation are accepted. (We may decide to space out the posting of them.)

Other notes:
• Content of the article should consist of original content. Quoted work must be credited and okayed for reproduction.
• Please keep content positive, accurate, politically neutral (as much as possible) and avoid negative name-calling or blame placing (etc.)
• While the articles may be of any length, typically shorter (between 3-8 paragraphs) works best for the web.
• Short paragraphs, bullet points and sub headings are best for web reading, since people like to skim articles on the web.
• All articles are subject to editing and approval of the synod office. We reserve the right to make changes in order to fit the above criteria. We also may highlight your story in our weekly email newsletter as well.
  • Your information

    This section is just for internal use within the synod office in case we need to contact you with questions about your story. It will not be published on the website or newsletter.
  • The story

    Please fill out the fields below to submit your story. If the story is already in a digital format (such as a Microsoft Word document) there is a place for you to upload the story that way instead.
  • A short (1 - 3 sentences) summary. If this is blank, we will just use the first few lines of the full story
  • Accepted formats are:
    • Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier (.doc)
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or later (.docx)
    • Apple Pages (.pages)
    • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
    • Plain Text file (.txt)
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pages, pdf, txt.
  • Photos

    By uploading photos below, you agree to the following:

    • That you have permission from the photographer AND the subject to post the photo on the web
    • that the photo is licensed under a "Creative Commons" license and you can provide the photographer credit with the photo.

    Please include photographer credit in the caption or description below.
  • Horizontal images typically work best for the main/featured image.
  • Additional images of any dimensions may be placed within the body of the story. There is space below to add up to 3 additional photos.