Synod Assembly 2018

May 31 – June 2

Country Springs/Ingleside, Waukesha


Churchwide Assembly
  • Rev. Kara Baylor
  • Rev. Heidi Borkenhagen
  • Matthew Brockmeier
  • MaryBeth Hoffman
  • Jerry Key
  • Jesse Kozel
  • Charlotte Linberry
  • Aliliwya Mbise
  • Rev. Marilyn Miller
  • Matthew Nelson
  • Rev. Andrew Nyren
  • Youa Xiong Reinicker
  • Nanette Smith
  • Matthew Stein
  • Rev. Kelli Weiss
Consultation Committee
  • Holly Jurss
  • Ellie Schmidtke
  • Rev. Alexis Twito
Discipline Committee
  • Steven Hartfield
  • Rev. Kristie Jaramillo
  • Leah Krueger
  • Teresa Reinders
  • Rev. Vicki Watkins
Synod Council
  • Anja Logan

Assembly Actions


  • Resolution in Commitment to More Fully Embracing the Reconciling in Christ Identity of the Greater Milwaukee Synod
    The assembly voted to approve Resolution 1 as amended
  • Resolution in Support of Expanding Support of Prison Congregation, Prison/Jail Re-Entry Ministry and Prison Reform Advocacy
    The assembly voted to approve Resolution 2 as presented

Bylaw Amendment

  • The amendment was referred back to the Synod Council for further study. A report will be made at the 2019 Synod Assembly.