Thanks to everyone who attended the 2011 Synod Assembly! Here’s a quick recap of the Synod Council and Resolution votes.

Elected to Synod Council

Milwaukee 3 cluster – Clergy: The Rev. Carolyn Fredriksen
Milwaukee 4 cluster – Lay male: Mr. Al Van Lith
Lake Country Cluster – Clergy: The Rev. Steve Blyth
Waukesha Cluster – Clergy: The Rev. David Zandt
Synod Secretary: Mr. Matthew Brockmeier
Synod Council – At Large
At Large – Clergy: The Rev. Gary Grindeland
At Large – Lay Female: Ms. Debra Taylor
At Large – Lay Male: Mr. John Gruber
Consultation Committee
Clergy: The Rev. Bruce Cheever
Clergy: The Rev. Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld
Lay Female: Ms. Linda Jaeger
Lay Male: Mr. Brian Lauttamus


Resolutions as passed can be downloaded below

Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 1Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions64.9 KiB
Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 2Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions49.0 KiB
Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 3Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions48.8 KiB
Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 4Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions59.5 KiB
Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 5Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions48.5 KiB
Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolution 6Synod Assembly 2011 - Resolutions49.0 KiB