The Greater Milwaukee Synod is divided into six conferences. Those who have served as cluster deans have agreed to facilitate the conference meetings where new deans will be elected.



The following is a list of synod congregations and Synodically Authorized Worshiping Communities with their cluster designation (updated 10.15.18)

Adoration Lutheran ChurchGreenfieldSouth Central
Reformation Lutheran ChurchBrookfieldWest CentralRev. Cheri Johnson
Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran ChurchMukwonagoWest CentralRev. Scot Ruffatto
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran ChurchMuskegoWest CentralRev. Mary Doreza
Christ Lutheran ChurchJacksonNorth
Our Savior Lutheran ChurchWest BendNorthDeacon Sherie Kruse
Rev. Dan Ruen
King Of Glory Lutheran ChurchGreenfieldSouth CentralRev. Tim Tahtinen
Martin Luther Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeSouth CentralRev. Ari Mattson
Zion Lutheran ChurchAshippunWestRev. Douglas Andersen
Immanuel Lutheran ChurchCedarburgNorthRev. Victoria Simon
Whitnall Park Lutheran ChurchHales CornersSouth CentralRev. Michael Fazio
Trinity Lutheran ChurchSouth MilwaukeeSouth CentralRev. Denise Mbise
Christ The Servant Lutheran ChurchWaukeshaWest CentralRev. Diane Olson
Holy Communion Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. Mark Doidge
Rev. Laura Fladten
Messiah Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. Lee Longrie
St Luke Lutheran ChurchGreendaleSouth Central
Living Christ Lutheran ChurchGermantownWest CentralRev. Michael Anderson
Redeemer Lutheran ChurchHartfordNorthRev. Aida Muñiz
Holy Trinity Lutheran ChurchWest AllisSouth CentralRev. Jay Thorson
Nativity Lutheran ChurchWauwatosaSouth Central
Holy Cross Lutheran ChurchMenomonee FallsWest CentralRev. Meredith Musaus
Rev. Drew Yoos
Rev. Sara Yoos
Deacon Elinor Schmidtke
Grace Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Jonathan Barker
Peace Lutheran ChurchBurlingtonSouthRev. Susan Bowen
Bethania Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. Heather Bumstead
The Table: A 1st Century Style Community In The 21st CenturyMilwaukeeCentralVenice Williams
Christ Our Savior Lutheran ChurchSussexWest CentralRev. Thomas Kent
Rev. Joe Wilkinson
Christ Lutheran ChurchMequonNorthRev. Robert Suhr
Rev. Andrew Suhr
Advent Lutheran ChurchCedarburgNorthRev. Alexis Twito
St Mary's Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Paul Petersen
Galilee Lutheran ChurchPewaukeeWestRev. Jay Ford
Norway Evangelical Lutheran ChurchWind LakeWest CentralRev. Kristie Jaramillo
Rev. Mark Jaramillo
St John's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchWest MilwaukeeCentralRev. Maren Hooper
Lakeside Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. James Lynch
Christ The King Lutheran ChurchPort WashingtonNorth
Trinity Lutheran ChurchWest BendNorthRev. David Schoob
Rev. Cristy Schoob
Wellington Park Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentral
St Luke Lutheran ChurchSheboygan FallsNorth
St John Lutheran ChurchGraftonNorthRev. James O'Reilly-Christensen
St Mark Lutheran ChurchWaukeshaWest CentralRev. Andrew Fetters
Faith/Santa Fe Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Rony Reyes
House Of Prayer Lutheran ChurchFranklinSouth CentralRev. Karl-John Stone
Lutheran Church Of The ResurrectionRacineSouthRev. Karen Pahl
Rev. Kelly Nieman Anderson
All Saints Lutheran ChurchWalesWestRev. Roy Nelson
Wayfarer's Faith CollectiveMilwaukeeCentralRev. Michael McAllister
Trinity Lutheran ChurchCedarburgNorthRev. Brent Halverson
St Luke Lutheran ChurchSlingerNorthRev. Larry Harpster
Mount Hope Lutheran ChurchWest AllisSouth CentralRev. Kathy Brown
Prince of Peace Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeSouth CentralRev. Andrew Nyren
Reformation Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Mark Thompson
Christ the Victor Lutheran ChurchNew BerlinWest CentralRev. Rebecka Fetters
St Paul Evangelical Lutheran ChurchRandom LakeNorth
Christ The King Lutheran ChurchDelafieldWestRev. Jackie Cook
St Stephen The Martyr Lutheran ChurchGreendaleSouth CentralRev. Brian Hooper
Unity Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Kevan Penvose
Redemption Lutheran ChurchWauwatosaSouth CentralRev. David Rebey
Christ Lutheran ChurchSalemSouthRev. Eric Silberschmidt
Spirit Of Peace Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentral
Vernon Lutheran ChurchMukwonagoWest CentralRev. John Anderson
Grace Evangelical Lutheran ChurchThiensvilleNorthRev. William Beyer
St Peter Lutheran ChurchSheboyganNorthRev. Kristin Berglund
Bay Shore Lutheran ChurchWhitefish BayCentralRev. Sarah Stobie
Trinity Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Thomas Smith
St Mark Lutheran ChurchCudahySouth CentralRev. Tim Tahtinen
Grace Lutheran ChurchGraftonNorthRev. Paul Bulgerin
Rev. Heidi Borkenhagen
Ascension Lutheran ChurchWaukeshaWest CentralRev. Christian Marien
Rev. Tony Acompanado
Gethsemane Lutheran ChurchBrookfieldWest CentralRev. Karen Natterstad
Unity Lutheran ChurchBrookfieldWest CentralRev. John Horner-Ibler
Rev. Sherrie Lorbeck
Rev. Muriel Otto*
St Olaf Lutheran ChurchRubiconWestRev. Tom Pietz
Luther Memorial Lutheran ChurchWest AllisSouth CentralRev. Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld
Fox Point Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. D. William Knapp, Jr.
Rev. Bruce Cheever
Atonement Lutheran ChurchMuskegoWest CentralRev. Gregory Van Dunk
Rev. Kevin Farrar
Lutheran Church of the Great SpiritMilwaukeeCentralRev. Stephen Wohlfeil
All Saints Lutheran ChurchOak CreekSouth CentralRev. James Mortenson
Gloria Dei Lutheran ChurchMenomonee FallsWest CentralRev. David Patterson
Lutheran Church Of The RedeemerRacineSouthRev. Matthew James
Incarnation Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Char Guiliani
The Village ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Donna Brown
All Peoples Gathering Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Lindsey Beukelman
Abiding Savior, MilwaukeeMilwaukeeCentralRev. Dean Natterstad
Kingo Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Carolyn Sellers
Faith Lutheran ChurchCedarburgNorthRev. John Norquist
Journey In FaithMt PleasantSouthRev. Allison Johnson
Our Savior Lutheran ChurchHartlandWestRev. Jennifer Rose
Rev. Matthew Rose
Living Hope Lutheran ChurchSaukvilleNorth
St Matthew Lutheran ChurchWauwatosaSouth CentralRev. Matthew Schlake-Kruse
Rev. Ann Williams
Messiah Lutheran ChurchTwin LakesSouthRev. Melody Brink
Hephatha Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Mary Martha Kannass
Living Faith Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. Bill Mains
Mount Zion Lutheran ChurchWauwatosaSouth CentralRev. Tyler Rasmussen
Spirit Alive Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Kevin Beebe
North Cape Lutheran ChurchFranksvilleWest CentralRev. Bradley Brown
Lord Of Life Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Carol Jeunnette
Capitol Drive Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Bill Mains
Our Savior Lutheran ChurchOconomowocWestRev. Joshua Stibb
Rev. Tracy Polzin
Cross Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Michelle Townsend de Lopez
Memorial Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Lester Spies
Resurrection Lutheran ChurchNew BerlinSouth CentralRev. Mary Ubuntu
Cross Lutheran ChurchIxoniaWestRev. Douglas Andersen
St Matthew Lutheran ChurchPalmyraWestRev. Steven M.D. Blyth
United Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. John Bischoff
Ascension Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Lynn Erickson
Good Shepherd/Trinity Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentral
Mount Carmel Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeSouth CentralRev. Pamela Lange
Rev. James Greear
Jackson Park Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Fred Thomas-Breitfeld
St Paul's Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Delaney Schlake-Kruse
Cross Lutheran ChurchBurlingtonSouthRev. John Brink
Rev. Elizabeth Lee
Peace Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentral
First Lutheran ChurchWest AllisSouth CentralRev. Joshua Graber
Redeemer Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. Lisa Bates-Froiland
Breaking The Chains CongregationMilwaukeeCentralRev. Mark Thompson
Emaus ELCARacineSouthRev. Marcy Wieties
First United Lutheran ChurchSheboyganNorthRev. Todd Smith
Rev. Matthew Hacker
Bethel Lutheran ChurchMuskegoWest CentralRev. Mary Doreza
St Luke's Lutheran ChurchWaukeshaWest CentralRev. Dr. Lindsay Jordan
Rev. Steve Bogie
St John Lutheran ChurchOconomowocWestRev. Karen Jost
Lutheran Church Of The ResurrectionPewaukeeWestRev. Kimberly Jordan
Deacon Susan Daniels
St Paul Lutheran ChurchKenoshaSouthRev. Cynthia Aasen
Mount Pleasant Lutheran ChurchRacineSouthRev. Krista Zimmerman
Rev. Beth Ann Stone
Lake Park Lutheran ChurchMilwaukeeCentralRev. David Dragseth
Rev. Alissa Kretzmann Farrar
St John Lutheran ChurchJacksonNorthRev. Paul Mittermaier
St John's Lutheran ChurchBrookfieldWest CentralRev. Brian Halverson
Dr Martin Luther Lutheran ChurchOconomowocWestRev. Steve Samuelson
Carthage CollegeKenoshaSouthRev. Kara Baylor
Luther ManorWauwatosaSouth CentralRev. Laura Gerstl-Beukema
ShorehavenOconomowocWestRev. Nicholaus Slater