Greater Milwaukee Synod Nominating Information for 2014

As the Synod Assembly is knocking at our door, we are seeking individuals to answer the call from the Nominating Committee.  The Greater Milwaukee Synod and several clusters are seeking individuals, both lay and clergy, to serve on the Consultation Committee, Discipline Committee, Nominating Committee and the Synod Council.

The role of the Consultation Committee and Discipline Committee is spelled out in detail in the ELCA’s constitution.  Essentially, members of the Consultation Committee would be called upon to resolve problems in cases where a complaint has been lodged against an individual or congregation. If the complaint cannot be resolved at the Consultation Committee level, the case would be referred to the Discipline Committee to determine if disciplinary action is warranted. Terms on the Consultation or Discipline Committee are six years, and members may not be elected to consecutive terms. To fill both full-term and partial-term openings on the Consultation Committee and Discipline Committee we need:

  •  6 clergy candidates
  •  4 lay-female candidates
  •  4 lay-male candidates

The role of the Nominating Committees is to elect members to serve the synod in identifying candidates for election. Members of the Nominating Committee will be appointed by the synod council. Full terms are three years, and members may not be appointed to consecutive terms. To fill partial-term synod council appointed openings on the Nominating Committee we need:

  • 2 clergy candidates
  • 1 lay-male candidate

To fill full-term synod council appointed opening as Synod Council Youth Representative we need one candidate under the age of 18.

Cluster designated candidates for the the Nominating Committee are needed  for:

  • Lake Country Cluster (lay-male, full-term)
  • Milwaukee Cluster 1 (lay-female, full-term)
  • Milwaukee Cluster 2 (clergy, partial term)
  • Milwaukee Cluster 4 (clergy, full-term & lay-male, partial-term)
  • Kenosha/West Racine (lay-female, partial-term)
  • Northwest Cluster (lay-male, partial-term)

Any member of a member church of the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA who is willing to serve should submit a nomination form by Wednesday, April 30. Elections will be held during the 2014 Synod Assembly in May.

Nomination forms & more details can be obtained by visiting the synod website ( ).  You can find the forms you need under the Synod Assembly Resources box listing. You may also contact Mary Romskog at the synod office at 414-671-1212 or email:

If you or someone in your congregation likes working with the big picture, please consider these opportunities to serve in meaningful ways.