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Congregations and Ministers in Transition

Life is a series of transitions from birth to death. At best, transition, though painful, can provide individuals and communities with a time of reflection, vision and opportunity to effect creative change. At worst, transitions can be disruptive and discouraging, leaving individuals and/or communities drained of spirit or hope. In all instances, transitions are made easier if there is a system of nurture and support in place to assist, coach, mentor or advise the individual and/or community through the time of transition. For individuals this support and nurture may come from parents, friends, partners and/or colleagues. For communities this support and nurture is more formalized and may be provided by someone who is appointed, elected or hired to assist the community in transition.


                  (Italics = additions & updates in the last month) 

Rostered Leader Vacancies

Interim pastor has not yet begun:

  • St Luke, Slinger (solo pastor) 
  • Trinity, South Milwaukee (solo pastor) 


Mission Exploration Process (no candidates received at this time):

PT solo positions

  • Cross, Ixonia (solo PT pastor) – Rev. James Stein, PT interim
  • Good Shepherd Trinity, Milwaukee – ELCA/PCUSA (PT solo pastor) – pulpit supply
  • St. Andrew, Sheboygan (solo PT pastor) – Rev. Paul Ihlenfeld, PT interim
  • St. Mark, Cudahy (solo PT pastor) – Rev. Ron Ballew, PT interim
  • St. Paul, Milwaukee (solo PT pastor) – Rev Jacob Werkheiser, PT interim

PT associate position

  • Unity, Brookfield (PT 3rd pastor) – Rev Wendy Wirth-Brock, PT transitional pastor

FT solo positions

  • Journey in Faith, Racine [Consolidation of Gethsemane and Emmanuel, Racine], (solo pastor) – Rev. Steve Clingman, FT interim
  • Holy Trinity, West Allis (solo pastor) – Rev. Dean Natterstad, FT interim
  • St. Paul, Kenosha (solo FT pastor) – Rev. Karen Pahl, FT interim

FT associate positions

  • First United, Sheboygan (associate pastor) – covered by current staffing
  • Lake Park, Milwaukee (associate pastor) – Rev. Alexis Twito, PT interim
  • Lord of Life, Kenosha (associate pastor) – Rev. Cynthia Aasen, interim

FT senior positions

  • Church of the Resurrection, Pewaukee (senior pastor) – Rev Dr. Paula Harris, FT interim
  • St. Mary, Kenosha (senior FT pastor) – Rev. John Holm, PT interim

MSP – ‘Ministry Site Profile’ (the profile shared with potential candidates) is completed:

Candidate Names Submitted:

  • Cross, Burlington (senior pastor)
  • Emaus, Racine (bi-lingual pastor) – Rev Steve Wohlfeil, PT interim
  • Fox Point, Fox Point (2nd associate pastor FT)
  • Living Hope, Saukville (solo PT pastor) – Rev. Kimberly Jordan, PT interim
  • Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Racine (lead pastor)

Calls Extended:

  • Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine (solo FT term call pastor)
  • Our Savior, Hartland (FT co-pastors)
  • St John’s, Oconomowoc (solo FT pastor)

Covenants and Consolidations:

  • Capital Drive, Milwaukee,  Covenant for Pastoral Ministry – Rev. Jay Thorson
  • United Lutheran Church, Racine [St Andrew’s, St Paul’s, and Zion, Racine consolidated] – Rev. John Bischoff



(names listed indicate changes in the past 2-3 months)

Within the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. Steve Clingman, from term call pastor at Gethsemane and Emmanuel, Racine to synod call for interim ministry at Journey in Faith, Racine (consolidation of Gethsemane and Emmanuel, Racine)
  • Rev. Matthew Short, from called pastor at St Luke, Slinger to Assistant to the Bishop for Evangelical Mission
  • Rev. Wendy Wirth-Brock, from OLC to PT transitional pastor at Unity, Brookfield

To the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. Kristine Ertl, retired, from Northern Great Lakes Synod to GMS
  • Rev. Dr. Harvard Stephens, Jr., from LSTC’s Pastor of the Community and Dean of Chapel to a 2 year term call pastor at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine

From the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. James Ahlquist, from Unity, Brookfield (Christ the King campus) to called pastor in the Northwest WI Synod
  • Rev. Jennifer Kuhnert, from OLC to called pastor in the South Central WI Synod
  • Rev. Viviane Thomas-Breitfeld, from OLC to synod interim ministry in the South Central WI Synod



  • Deacon Deb Ganser, from called deaconess at First United, Sheboygan to retirement
  • Rev. Carol Hegland, from synod interim ministry to retirement
  • Rev. William Mains, from called pastor at Trinity, South Milwaukee to retirement

RECENTLY ROSTERED who have recently died

  • Rev. Larry Price, a retired pastor, died on March 26, 2017. Rev. Price served as pastor of Dr. Martin Luther Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc from 1966-1985. He also served congregations in Arizona and Maryland. Rev. Price’s obituary is available at this link: