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Congregations and Ministers in Transition

Life is a series of transitions from birth to death. At best, transition, though painful, can provide individuals and communities with a time of reflection, vision and opportunity to effect creative change. At worst, transitions can be disruptive and discouraging, leaving individuals and/or communities drained of spirit or hope. In all instances, transitions are made easier if there is a system of nurture and support in place to assist, coach, mentor or advise the individual and/or community through the time of transition. For individuals this support and nurture may come from parents, friends, partners and/or colleagues. For communities this support and nurture is more formalized and may be provided by someone who is appointed, elected or hired to assist the community in transition.

Downloadable Resources

Manual for Congregations in Transition Interim Ministry (183.6 KiB)



          (Italics = additions & changes in the last month) 

Rostered Leader Vacancies

Solo pastorate, with weekly pulpit supply

  • Cross, Ixonia
  • Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine

Vacancy filled by current staffing

  • St Mary’s, (senior pastor), Kenosha

MET – in the Greater Milwaukee Synod’s ‘Mission Exploration Team’ process (no candidates received at this time)

  • Emaus, (bi-lingual pastor), Racine (Rev Steve Wohlfeil, PT interim)
  • Good Shepherd Trinity (solo PT pastor), Milwaukee – ELCA/PCUSA (Rev. Wendy Wirth-Brock, PT interim)
  • Holy Trinity (solo FT pastor), West Allis – (Rev. Dean Natterstad, FT interim)
  • Lake Park (associate pastor), Milwaukee – (Rev. Alexis Twito, PT interim)
  • Lord of Life (associate pastor), Kenosha – (Rev. Cynthia Aasen, interim)
  • Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (senior pastor), Pewaukee – (Rev Dr Paula Harris, FT interim)
  • St. Andrew, Racine – (Rev. David Raben, extended supply)
  • St. Andrew (solo PT pastor), Sheboygan – (Rev. Paul Ihlenfeld, PT interim)
  • St. Mark (solo PT pastor), Cudahy – (Rev. Ron Ballew, PT interim)
  • St Paul, (solo pastor), Kenosha  (Rev. Karen Pahl, FT interim)
  • St. Paul (solo PT pastor), Milwaukee, (Rev. Gail Broderson Heins, extended supply)

MSP* – ‘Ministry Site Profile’ (the file shared with potential candidates) is completed

  • Cross (senior pastor FT), Burlington*
  • Living Hope (solo PT pastor), Saukville – (Rev. Kimberly Jordan, PT interim)*

Candidate Names Submitted**

  • Capitol Drive (solo FT pastor), Milwaukee**
  • Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (lead pastor), Racine**
  • Our Savior (senior FT or co-pastors 3/4T), Hartland – (Rev. Frank Jansow, PT interim and Rev. Maren Hooper, PT interim)**
  • St John’s – Stonebank, Oconomowoc – (Rev. Karen Jost, FT 2 yr term call)**

Calls Extended***

  • Bethel (solo PT pastor), Muskego (pulpit supply)***
  • Breaking the Chains Church (PT prison ministry pastor), Milwaukee***


  • Memorial (solo PT pastor), Glendale, Covenant for Shared Pastoral Ministry****


(changes listed are those occurring in the past four months)

Within the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. Cynthia Aasen from off the roster to reinstatement to the roster, to a synod call to interim ministry at Lord of Life, Kenosha
  • Rev. Rebecka Fetters from OLC to PT called pastor at Christ the Victor, New Berlin
  • Rev. Jane Fryda from OLC to PT chaplain at Children’s Hospital, Milwaukee
  • Rev. Michael McAllister from OLC to Mission Developer of “Wayfarer’s Faith Collective”
  • Rev. Timothy McIntosh, a synod call to Chaplaincy at Badger Hospice
  • Rev. Michael Mueller, from called pastor at St Andrew, Racine to a synod call to Ecumenical Ministry as FT Organizer for Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC)
  • Rev. Lester Spies from FT called pastor at Living Christ, Germantown, to PT called pastor at Living Christ, Germantown and PT ‘covenanted shared pastor’ at Memorial, Glendale.
  • Rev. Mark Thompson from OLC to a synod call to Mission Developer of Breaking the Chains Church, Milwaukee, a Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community (SAWC)

To the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. Steve Bogie, from candidacy to called pastor at Gloria Dei, Menomonee Falls
  • Rev. Kelli Weiss, from OLC in the St Paul Area Synod to called pastor at Bethel, Muskego

From the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS)

  • Rev. Arthur Bergren, from called pastor at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Racine to Waverly, Iowa
  • Rev. Elias Kitoi Nasari, from called pastor at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Racine to Bishop of the Meru Diocese of Tanzania


  • Rev. Elizabeth Davis, from called pastor at Cross, Ixonia to OLC


  • Rev Steven Anderson, from called pastor at Holy Trinity, West Allis to retirement
  • Rev. Helen Nickel, from called pastor at St Andrew, Sheboygan to retirement
  • Rev David Raben, from called pastor at St Mary’s, Kenosha to retirement
  • Rev. James Stein from called pastor at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Pewaukee to retirement


  • Rev. Walter Michel, retired – died October 28, 2016
  • Rev Quintin Schowalter, retired – died November 24, 2016
  • Rev. Henry F Hammerling, retired – died December 26, 2016