Report Misconduct

The Greater Milwaukee Synod and the ELCA take the behavior of our rostered ministers very seriously, and we hold our rostered ministers to high standards of integrity and faithfulness. Whenever there are concerns about a rostered minister’s behavior, we encourage people to avoid speculation and rumor and to speak directly with the individuals involved. Sometimes, that may mean speaking to the rostered minister; sometimes, that may mean speaking with congregational leadership; sometimes, that may mean speaking with the bishop or a member of the synod staff.


One resource that may be helpful in determining whether a rostered minister’s behavior is cause for a formal disciplinary process is the ELCA’s Definitions and Guidelines for Discipline. Individuals are also able to contact the bishop or synod staff directly to have a conversation about the best way to respond to concerns.  Situations involving potential sexual misconduct or substance misuse are often more complicated, and the processes for responding to these situations are described in the documents below.

Sexual Misconduct

Substance Misuse