Rev. Brian Hooper (he/him)

Do you ever feel like you are stuck, moving in the same direction, and you seek clarity and a new pathway? As a coach, I work with you asking powerful and intentional questions to help clarify and articulate the vision you are trying to achieve. Working closely together, I support you in exploring action steps to live into your vision. The coaching relationship may involve naming potential obstacles and developing a personal plan to overcome them.

My passion for coaching stems from close to twenty years of pastoral ministry. As a pastor and coach, I have walked alongside both pastors and congregations, crafting questions that lead to insight in discernment of new programs and approaches to ministry. Some specific areas of coaching might include: time management/life balance, stress management, and transitions. I completed my ACC/PCC certification coursework through Vibrant Faith, and am a certified grief coach.

Through coaching, I focus on whole life wellness. Family and fitness time are important to me. I include regular exercise in my life and I have completed two Ironman triathlons. I invite you to try on coaching, and schedule a complementary coaching session by contacting me at

Specialty: grief