Danette Braun (she/her)

Before making big decisions, it’s worth taking time to pause and consider if what you’re reaching for is truly aligned with what’s most important to you or if it’s just an effort to comply with outside influences telling you what you should want/do/be. Most people have 3-5 core values that express deep, fundamental beliefs about themselves, others, life, and the world around them. Awareness of your core values is essential to knowing who God intended for you to be and to living as your fully expressed self. 

Danette Braun is a life coach who specializes in guiding others to identify and define their core values. Grounded in her own core values of voice, presence, and gratitude, Danette helps others quiet the external noise so they can hear their own inner voice. By offering acceptance, encouragement, and safe space for reflection and exploration, she makes it possible for clients to make conscious choices with clarity and confidence. Clients are then able to develop clear action plans in alignment with their core values. 

Danette founded Abundance Life Coaching in 2020. In her free time, Danette enjoys reading, long walks, puzzles, yoga, movies, and spending time with family. 

Specialties: life coaching, core values, somatics

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