Seeds of Collaboration & Blessing

A series of stories about Curiosity, Courage, Compassion and Collaboration from around our Greater Milwaukee Synod!

What happens when a local non-profit community garden, two ELCA churches and a middle school find a common mission? A community is nourished in both body and soul.


This last spring, members of Spirit Alive! and Grace Lutheran churches partnered with the Garden of Eatin’, a local non-profit group, to renew one of the community garden spaces that happened to be just down the road from Grace.


The idea first emerged when members from Spirit Alive! partnered with members from Grace in preparing and serving meals at Grace’s Welcome Center. Together, they noticed that there was very little fresh produce in the food they were able to offer those who came for community meals. This led the group to reach out to Andy Berg, a local resident, and the organizer of the Garden of Eatin’.

What followed was months of dedicated work and partnership. Members of Spirit Alive even reached out to the staff at Lincoln Middle School, who designed a project that engaged local children in creating a mural along one of the garden’s unpainted fences.

The Windchime Garden (2011 57th Street, Kenosha) now stands as a powerful reminder of the ways God connects us to each other, deeply roots us in our communities, and blesses everyone through the partnerships. It has been a catalyst for deeper relationships, as neighbors reap the harvests of food and community.

"In the alchemy of collaboration, we become equal partners. We create wholeness and sufficiency for everyone."

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