Lutheran Campus Ministry is a welcoming community where Love is expressed and found.

Lutheran Campus Ministry of Greater Milwaukee at UW-Milwaukee welcomes students of all religious backgrounds seeking a faith community.  Campus ministry helps students grow in a faith that addresses their head, heart, and hands.   It is a place to ask how faith intersects with science, other religions, and issues of peace and justice.  It is place where the yearnings of the heart are met in worship, spiritual conversation, and vocational direction.  It is a place where faith can be active and grow in service to others.  It is a place where students, at a transitional time in their life, can find pastors and friends that want to know all of who they are and develop relationships of laughter and play, support and prayer, and shared faith that last a lifetime.

Lutheran Campus Ministry is a welcoming community where God’s love is expressed, and where young adults are empowered to enter the world with head, heart, and hands ready to share the Love they have found.

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