Message from Bishop Elias Kitoi in the Meru Diocese

We wish you a blessed Lent. As we continue observing Lent this year, the Christian Council of Tanzania has written a Pastoral letter to be read and observed in all the congregations which are members of the Christian Council of Tanzania. The letter has asked the members to pray for these concerns:
  1. Every Christian to take her/his spiritual responsibility in observing Lent this year.
  2. To pray that enough food is availed to the poor and the whole country.
  3. That, there is harmony, peace and the abiding with law that governs our country.
  4. That, our education system is improved in the country.
  5. That, our political leaders and the citizens of this country will participate peacefully as the country comes to the finalization of writing its new constitution.
Pleae join us, as we continue praying for these concerns during Lent.
Bwana Asifiwe!