Weekly email newsletter

  • What will you get? Email news, events and articles. This is our official communication from the synod office to you.
  • How often? One email a week. No more. No less.
  • Who is this for? Primarily for members of churches within the Greater Milwaukee Synod and especially for leaders. Everyone is more than welcome to sign up (and we’d like it if you did!)
  • Who can post? This newsletter is created weekly by our Communications Specialist, Robyn Di Giacinto.


Synod Google group (sometimes referred to as “Listserve”)

Who is this for? Primarily church leadership, staff, and those who like to get lots of emails about church stuff.

What will you get? Emails about church events, churches needing supply pastors/musicians, committee updates, poems, and more. The Synod Google Group is also the ideal place to post questions you may have for other congregations in the synod – especially questions on subjects not covered by synod guidelines, as well as general requests for recommendations.

How do I sign up? Sign up here or send a blank email to gmsynod+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

How do I post? Once you’ve signed up for the group, you can make a post at groups.google.com/g/gmsynod or by sending an email to gmsynod@googlegroups.com.

How often will I get emails? By default, you’ll receive a separate email for every post, which is usually several times per day. If you’d instead like to receive a daily summary email, go to groups.google.com/g/gmsynod and do the following:

  • If you’re using the new version of Google Groups, click “My membership settings” on the left sidebar. Select an option from the dropdown menu below “Subscription.” Click “Save changes”.
  • If you’re using the old version of Google Groups, click the My Settings icon in the upper right. Go to “Membership and email settings.” In the membership settings window, choose an option in the Email delivery preference section. Click “save”.

I tried posting, but it didn’t work! Try these troubleshooting steps…

  • Have you signed up for the Google Group? If not, do so now using the steps outlined above. Only members can post to the Google Group.
  • If you’re posting via email, did you use the email address you signed up with? You need to send your post from the exact email address you signed up with. For this reason, we advise not signing up using an email alias.
  • Did you email the correct address? Double check to make sure your email is addressed to gmsynod@googlegroups.com.
  • I’m still not seeing my post! Email robyn@milwaukeesynod.org, and we’ll help sort things out.

Treasurer Google group

  • What will you get? Emails discussing topics related to GMS and congregational finances, asking questions, creating and strengthening partnerships, and providing help or feedback on various finance related items.
  • Who is this for? Congregational treasurers, bookkeepers, and church finance people.
  • Who can post? Anyone who is a member of the Treasurer Google group can post. Send your email to gmstreasurers@googlegroups.com.



You can join by sending a blank email to gmstreasurers+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Life Together Newsletter

  • What will you get? Information from the synod office. Life Together is linked in our emailed newsletter for everyone and a printed copy is mailed to congregations and rostered ministers. You can read back issues here.
  • How often? Quarterly in January, April, July, and October.
  • Who is this for? Everyone
  • Who can post? This newsletter is created by the synod staff.

Social Media

  • What will you get? Updates & highlights of synod events as well as some cool stuff that is happening around us.
  • How often? Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with posts.
  • Who is this for? Everyone. We would love to connect with you!

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