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Synod Assembly 2017

June 1-3, 2017
Country Springs Hotel, Pewaukee, WI

Country Springs Map & Directions

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Important Dates:

  • April 30 – Last day to register for assembly at early bird prices. Prices increase on May 1.
  • May 1 – Last day to get preferred pricing at Country Springs for lodging. Contact Country Springs directly for lodging at 262-547-0201.
  • May 26 – Last day to register for assembly online. Register at the door after this date.

Monday , March 13, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Registration Is Open!

Registration for Synod Assembly is now open! Click here to register.

This page has a glorious amount of information that is growing daily. Visit to register, read reports, resolutions and learn about Open Space and Luther’s Lounge, our fun Friday evening event!

We’re pleased to have been able to reduce our assembly fee this year. Early registration pricing is $170 ($200 on May 1) for regular registration and $85 ($100 on May 1) for youth, young adult and retired rostered ministers. Register now so you can take advantage of the reduced prices. You can send in your payment later if you wish.

The number of lay voting members your congregation elects depends on the number of baptized members (not voting or confirmed members) in the congregation. Lay voting members from larger congregations should be as evenly divided between female and male as possible.

  • All congregations, regardless of size, may elect at least two lay voting members to the Synod Assembly, normally one of whom shall be male and one female.
  • Congregations with 750 through 1,249 baptized members may elect a third lay voting member.
  • One additional lay voting member may be added for each additional 500 baptized members of the congregation. So, for example, a congregation with 1,250 to 1,749 baptized members would elect four lay voting members, one with 1,750 to 2,249 baptized members would elect five, and so on.

Draft Agenda

Thursday, June 1
3:00 pm – Registration opens
6:30 pm – Registration closes
6:30 pm – Opening worship (includes the opening of Assembly with remarks by Bishop Erickson)
8:30 pm – Post worship reception

Friday, June 2
7:30am – Registration opens
8:00 am – Breakfast
8:30 am – Plenary 1
10:30 am – Break
10:45 am – Resume Plenary 1
12:00 pm – Open Spaces and lunch
2:00 pm – Plenary 2
5:30 pm – Registration closes
5:30 pm to 7:30pm – Luther’s Lounge Hymn Sing (includes dinner)

Saturday, June 3
7:30 am – Registration opens
8:00 am – Breakfast
8:30 am – Plenary 3
10:30 am – Break
10:45 am – Resume Plenary 3
12:30 pm – Sending (lunch is on your own)

Think about the best coffee break conversation you ever had and then read on!

During the lunch break at Synod Assembly on Friday, June 2, from 12:00-2:00 pm, we will engage in an open space gathering. Lunch food will be available outside the ballroom, and you will be invited to participate in a conversation on a topic of interest to you, moving around as your interest and energy dictate.

What is Open Space?
Lots of people say that when they go to a conference, the best part is the coffee breaks — because that’s when they meet important people who share common interests and passions. We’re going to participate in a really long, very intentional coffee break. You came with very particular contexts, passions, visions and questions. This Open Space time will help you start relationships with others who care about the same things you do. We hope that these relationships will last beyond the synod assembly.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Until the end of March, we will invite assembly participants to declare their interest in convening a conversation on a particular topic by completing a simple online survey. Folks can share the story of an exciting ministry that they’re involved in or express the desire to convene a conversation on a particularly burning question:
    1. “I’d like to share a story about: ________________________ or
    2. “I’d like to talk about: _______________________________.
Share your ideas


  1. Once all the declarations are received, a list of the topics will be distributed to all assembly registrants. They will then have the opportunity to register their interest on a second online survey. If too few people sign up for a topic, it will not happen, and that’s OK. It just means it isn’t time for that issue.
  2. There will also be a limited number of spaces reserved for people to suggest topics at the assembly for those issues that arise more recently.
  3. Circles of chairs will be placed around the ballroom, and people are free to move the chairs as needed. Balloons will be placed in the middle of each conversation group with a number written on it, and participants will have a guide indicating where each conversation is taking place.
  4. What happens next is that people who care about the same things find one another and get to know one another and begin a conversation about it. As the time proceeds, participants are free to move from conversation to conversation as their interest and energy dictate. A key principle of Open Space is the “law of two feet.” You have the freedom and the responsibility to move to whatever place you can contribute and learn. If at any time, you feel you’re not learning or contributing, use your two feet to move to somewhere you can learn and contribute. Or, if your brain is full and you just need to take a walk, go do that. Or go find that one person you’ve been meaning to connect with. This is called creative chaos. And it’s good. It’s very good.
  5. We will divide our time into two “sessions,” so you can be part of at least two conversations about issues you care about. We will announce the time for the second session to begin.
  6. Some people will take part in one long conversation this afternoon. Some people will be more like butterflies, flitting from one conversation to the next. That’s OK. This event runs on two things: passion and responsibility. Passion engages the people in the room. Responsibility ensures that something actually happens.


Share your ideas

We all know part of what we love about Lutheran Theology is that it is “down to earth.” What’s more earthy than singing hymns in the pub? Luther would talk theology with his students over a good beer, so now the Greater Milwaukee Synod is stealing his idea!

At this year’s Synod Assembly, we will be hosting a time for “Luther’s Lounge” (our take on a “Beer & Hymns” event). There will be beer, non-alcoholic options, singing, and down to earth fun! This is open to ALL, not just voting members, so invite your congregation!

The cost for this event is included in each assembly registration and just $10 for everyone else that wishes to attend. $10 covers the cost of a commemorative stein (includes one fill of beer or soda) and snacks. If you wish to attend and you’re not a member of Synod Assembly please register so we have a stein for you.

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Synod Assembly 2017 - Resolutions

2017 SA Resolution 1 - Prison Congregation And Prison ReformSynod Assembly 2017 - Resolutions59.4 KiB

Synod Assembly 2017 - Resources

2017 Nomination Form With InstructionsSynod Assembly 2017 - Resources599.1 KiB
2017-Guidelines For ResolutionsSynod Assembly 2017 - Resources535.4 KiB
Cluster Assembly Bulletin InsertSynod Assembly 2017 - Resources83.4 KiB
Synod Assembly Permission SlipSynod Assembly 2017 - Resources395.1 KiB
Synod Council Job Description 2017Synod Assembly 2017 - Resources30.3 KiB

Synod Assembly 2017 - Reports

2017 Joint Report-LSTC and WartburgSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports177.6 KiB
2017 Synod Assembly Letter EnglishSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports189.4 KiB
2017 Synod Assembly Letter SpanishSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports191.4 KiB
Carthage-College-2017-ReportSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports67.3 KiB
LSS Annual Report 2017Synod Assembly 2017 - Reports2.6 MiB
Lutheran-Planned-Giving-Report-2017Synod Assembly 2017 - Reports94.3 KiB
Lutherdale 2017 ReportSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports59.6 KiB
Portico Report 2017Synod Assembly 2017 - Reports144.2 KiB
Wartburg College Report 2017Synod Assembly 2017 - Reports233.1 KiB
Wisconsin Council Of Churches Annual ReportSynod Assembly 2017 - Reports285.7 KiB