Synod Worship Videos for 12/27/20 and 1/3/21

The Greater Milwaukee Synod has released two worship videos for possible use in congregations on Sunday, December 27 and Sunday, January 3. The services are approximately 30 minutes in length and are available on YouTube and Facebook. We hope these videos will provide an opportunity for pastors, deacons, and worship leaders to have a brief respite in the wake of a busy holiday season.

Both services contain music, prayers, and reflections on the gospel text appointed for the day. The service for December 27 includes a conversation and reflection on the text between Bishop Erickson and Bishop Medardo Gomez of our global companion, the Lutheran Synod of El Salvador. The service for January 3 includes a similar conversation between Bishop Erickson and Bishop Elias Kitoi Nasari of the Diocese of Meru of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

Watch the service for Sunday, December 27

Watch the service for Sunday, January 3