Resources for sharing the story of God’s work in your congregation, your synod, and the ELCA.

“Synod” means “Together”:

New videos highlighting our shared witness through the pandemic time.

A story about the candidacy process.


A story about strength in times of struggle.


A story about hunger justice work.

A story about congregations collaborating.


A story about investing in God’s mission.

Pick a video to show to your congregation or church council to tell the story of what God does through our ELCA ministries!

New Mission Starts Video
New Mission Starts Video
Synod video - The Table (new worshipping community)
ELCA video - Malaria campaign impact
Supporting Strong Babies in Milwaukee
ELCA video - We Sustain Each Other
LCM in the Greater Milwaukee Synod
ELCA video - Kuambatana: The Mark and Linda Jacobson Story

How Our Shared Impact is Funded

2021 Congregational Mission Support Statement of Intent

As we plan together for the impact we’ll make in 2021,
please take a moment to indicate your congregation’s anticipated pledge toward Mission Support.